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OOTD: ‘Hats Perfection!

Wanna know something awful about me? I’m a terribly jealous person and suffer fashion envy all the DAMN time! Every other day I’m lusting after some poor woman’s coat that I saw in the street or some school girls amazing braids, mentally taking pics of the desired outfit/hairstyle […]


Fierce Females: Björk

 Serving Icelandic realness! I’m not really sure why but I’m kinda drawn to kooky characters. You know those people that are a little left of centre and have an air of “no fucks given” about them? The ones that are brave and really excel at what they love. […]

It Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF

It CC Cream Review

Do you know I’ve never known what the BB or CC (and for the matter DD) stands for in all the creams?! I just thought they were hip new names for creams that weren’t quite foundation! HA! Shows how much I actually know about make-up *ahem, nothing, ahem* […]

ootd_motorcycle mama4

OOTD: Motorcycle Mama

Riding a motorcycle probably tops my list of things I’d NEVER do. Call me a wimp, but I just don’t get my kicks by scaring the shit out of myself. Also on that list, if you’re interested, is bungee jumping, sky diving, swimming with sharks and making out […]


Who’s Your Stripe Icon?

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that I haven’t met a stripe I haven’t liked loved! Going through my wardrobe you’d think I have some sort of addiction to them. All the fashionistas are declaring (northern hemisphere) S/S15 to be the season of the Stripe! […]


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