grace kelly

Fierce Females: Grace Kelly

Simply gorgeous!  This fierce female has lead the life most little girls dream of (well, this little girl for one!); being a big time movie star AND princess AND having a handbag named after you! Grace Kelly was nothing short of glamorous and ever so beautiful. A true Hollywood […]


ZIC – Pocket Reading Glasses

*This post has been sponsored by ZIC Glasses – all opinions are 100% my own* Hands up if you’re a four-eyed beauty like me?! Woohoo, glasses wearers UNITE! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 15, mainly to correct the astigmatism in my right eye, but also to be able […]

ootd_a short winter2

OOTD: A Short Winter

So yes, I’m back from Vegas, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the fabulousness of the trip just yet and I need another week to process the sheer amazing time I had!! I promise I’ll update you all with pics and tales of rock n’ roll next […]

cate blanchett

Fierce Females: Cate Blanchett

Simply stunning! I was a big fan of Cate Blanchett before her recent Oscar win; I mean she’s gorgeous, Australian and looks like she’s one classy lady – what’s not to like?! But after seeing her in Blue Jasmine, (my gawd!, what a performance, if you haven’t seen it […]


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