rock beauty3

Rock Beauty Nail Wraps

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh why didn’t I listen to my mum’s sound advice of never picking up items from a clearance bin? Maybe because she’s never uttered those words as she loves a good bargain about as much as I do! Damn it, I had such high hopes for these nail stickers […]

green + pink2

FOTD: Clashing Colours

Hands up if you get stuck doing the same make-up look day in and out?! I must admit I don’t change up my make-up too often. Even though I have lots and lots of different eyeshadow pallets ranging in all sorts of gorgeous colours I tend to stick to […]


On Ageing

Image via Google Images There are some definite hazards in being a fashion and beauty blogger. Oh sure, it’s fun and you get to take silly photos out and about while strangers wonder what the fuck you’re doing and you also get to attend fun events for the sake of […]

urban safari5

OOTD: Urban Safari

Remember that time I said I was going to continue not splurging on impulse items? Well, yeah about that…so I may have bought a couple of things last Sunday from Kmart – but hey, I walked away with four new items and change from $50. That’s not too […]


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