ootd_an ode to Eurovision5

OOTD: An Ode To Eurovision

It’s late May dollfaces, so you know what that means….Eurovision Song Contest time! Now for all the Aussies and Europeans out there you know what I’m talking about but for the American readers out there you may not have heard of the brilliance that is Eurovision. Basically it’s the […]

meryl streep laughing

Fierce Females: Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, 1979 and now, in the same dress Can you believe this woman has been nominated for an Academy Award an astonishing 19 times?! 19 fucking times!! If that doesn’t make her a fierce female then I’m handing in my acting card (hey, I went to theatre school!). […]

palais theatre

Musical May Concert Round Up

La la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Can you hear that? That’s the sound of all the magical live music I’ve seen in May. It’s been an amazing month for gigs in Melbourne and I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to see four (count them FOUR) live shows in the last couple […]

wanderlust bracelet

SK Design Jewellery

We all know I love to travel! I’ve shared with you all my journals from my trips to Europe and the U.S and my little jaunts interstate. I also adore jewellery (which girl doesn’t?!) and love the way it can dress up and old outfit. So when the girls from […]

agnetha & frida so much blue eye shadow

Fierce Females: Agnetha & Frida

70s chic – such babes! Benny and Björn may have been the lyrical and melodic geniuses behind those amazingly catchy tunes but it was Agnetha and Frida who ultimately made you fall in love and shake your booty to all those ABBA hits! This dynamic duo (not the last […]


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