A Boxful Of Ego

 *This post has been sponsored by Ego Pharmaceuticals – all opinions are 100% my own. Last month I was invited out to the Miss Universe Australia finalists media runway show which was sponsored by Elucent, a brand owned by Ego Pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it and I was so […]

dannii minogue2

Fierce Females: Dannii Minogue

Ms. Dannii! I have mentioned my love for my childhood hero, Ms. Minogue (the best Minogue*ahem*), on more than one occasion. Dannii was the coolest girl I “knew” who got to sing and dance on TV – talk about a dream come true! Each Sunday night I’d fight with my […]

iris apfel2

Fierce Females: Iris Apfel

Ugh, so much YAAAAAAS! Bow down, biznatches! We have an absolutely FIERCE female in our midst, and just like the sun, if you stare too long you may go blind! If you’ve never heard of Iris Apfel you’re about to get a (brief) education. Iris is a 94 […]


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