3 of a kind

I had a brief moment of madness where I was going on a self imposed shopping ban until next month. I’ve been having a hard time lately trying to fit all my clothes into my wardrobe and thought that if I could curb my shopping (and spending) then it’d sort itself out. Everything was going smoothly (all of 4 days) until I got a text from my sis asking if I wanted any of these dresses from Kmart:

ImageI was in such a state of dress euphoria that before I could scratch myself I said yes to all three! Oh dear, this ban was not going to work at all. Why fight it, right?












These two dresses (above) were both $15 and they have a light, silky feel to them. They’ll definitely be worn more in the warmer months so I don’t need to pop a pair of stockings under them. But the 3rd is by far my favourite:



This one was $20 and is a cotton blend that’s more tailored and structured than the other two. In all I love the entire haul and they’re a welcome addition to my (ever expanding) wardrobe. 

ImageHave you ever put yourself on a shopping ban? Did you last longer than me?


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