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Work trippin’

I’ve only recently come to terms with the fact that I’m not low maintenance. When did that happen? Here I was thinking I’m the embodiment of Covergirl; easy and breezy. Turns out I’m not. Is it so wrong that I like to look my best?

So trying to pack for a work trip sometimes has me in a panic thinking If I’ve packed the right/enough outfits and make-up and wondering whether the hotel will have the fancy body creams so I don’t need to bring my own. I end up schlepping around with a big bag instead of a cute overnight one.

This week I’ve flown up to our Sydney office for 2 days of work and I vowed not to over pack. It was a little hard at first wondering if the two dresses I packed were going to cut it, but dammit I was just going to have to make do. If worse comes to worse I could always go out and buy something (not that that idea entirely scares me!).

I also like to check in my luggage as I don’t want to deal with pulling out all the liquids and aerosols at the security queue. If it’s part of the ticket, why not save myself the headache?

This is what I packed:


1. Beauty/Bathroom products – had to be ruthless and just choose the essentials, it helps that the hotel has shampoo and conditioner!

2. Clutch – I always end up going out with friends and colleagues when I’m in Sydney and hate the idea of carting my huge handbag (which doubles as my laptop bag) around in the evenings

3. Jewellery clutch – I’ve popped in a necklace and a couple of pairs of earrings to bling out and accessories my outfits

4. Silver ballet flats – when I’ve tired of my heels for the trip I can revert back to my flats for the plane ride home

5. Two dresses – I live in dresses, so any choice I make it’ll be OK. These can easily go from the office to a bar

6. Gym gear – being a social butterfly is great but I gotta work off the calories somehow, thank you hotel gym!

7. Pyjamas – hotel rooms are always so cold, shorts and a T don’t cut it

8. Two cardigans – Sydney is always a little warmer than Melbourne, but I never know what the temp will be, so I can always throw these on over my dresses

What else I packed but didn’t make the pic:

  • Underwear – you perverts don’t need to see that!
  • Stockings
  • My curling iron
  • Laptop charger

Work trippin'

I think I did a pretty good job for a high maintenance chick – what do you think?

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  1. SHOW ME THE UNDERWEAR!!!! LOL I had to say it.
    *sigh* I wish I could just pack the essentials…but I am not low maintenance…at all. Sounds “boogie” but I love to look my best!!

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