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MSFW Day 5: Ready to Wear – Fashion Forward Makeup Masterclass

Miss Fox was the scene for day 5 of MSFW for a “Ready to Wear – Fashion Forward Makeup Masterclass” with makeup artist to the stars Luna Lita. We all sipped on a delicious cocktail and listened as Luna shared her best makeup tips to an intimate class of 15 ladies. We were all eager to learn her professional techniques and tricks inspired by current runway trends.


Here’s some notes taken from the class – it’s OK you can copy off of my homework!;
• Use an oil controlling primer on your T-zone & moisturiser on dry areas
• Apply concealer lighter than your skin tone to minimise the heaviness of the product
• Blend bronzer up into your ears
• Use a 24 carat gold powder mixed into a tinted moisturiser to create a translucent look
• BB cream is thick – blend it thoroughly for an overall cover – not recommended for oily skin
• CC cream gives less coverage – lets skin shine through
• Loose powder with moisturiser creates your own tinted moisturiser
• Powder over liquid foundation locks it in and makes dry skin look dryer only use it on oily skin
• Correct redness by applying lilac tinted moisturiser/correcting cream
• There are no rules so experiment!

And here are Luna’s tips for what’s coming in this season;
• One eye shadow colour: neutral, think the Hampton’s/Calvin Klein 90s
• Lips – bold, matte colours
• Long hair or pixie cuts – not bob

Such great tips and advice that my gal pals and I have booked in for some one-on-one time with Luna in November. I smell a blog post!


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