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Liebster Award!

I’ve been nominated twice for a Liebster Award from the lovely Felicia over at Spotlight and Juliana at beaute amoureax. What’s a Liebster I hear you ask (as I did!), so being the word lover that I am I hopped over to Google Translate and it’s German for dearest – how sweet!


Award Rules:

1. You have to link back to the person who nominated you

2. You have to nominate other bloggers (people with less than 200 followers)

3. You have to answer the questions given to you

4. You have to create another set of questions for whomever you nominate

5. You have to notify whomever else you choose to nominate that they have been nominated

The Q&A: (I’ve combined the 2 different sets of questions)

1. If you could do anything, absolutely anything, for a career, what would you do?

Do I need the talent? If not, I’d be a rockstar – hands down! Otherwise I’d love to be able to blog full time,

2. What is your favourite book and/or product?

Such a tough question for a big book nerd. Here’s 3 that spring to mind: “The Time Traveller’s Wife”, “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” and “Memoirs of a Geisha”

3. What is your favourite post/ poem/ story/ work that you’ve written?

Don’t think I have a favourite, reading my work over is always such a challenge in not being overly critical.

4. What/ who is your biggest inspiration?

Too many people, it can be anyone from Olivia Palermo to a stranger wearing a funky outfit on the train. If it catches my eye, regardless of who you are, you’re amazing in my book.

5. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

On the beach in Positano, Italy. 

6. If you could be any animal, what would it be? (feel free to make one up!)

A cat, they have the best lives. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat!

7. If you could live anywhere (real or not), where would you live?

I’d love to be able to divide my time between New York, Paris and Melbourne

8. Were you one of those people who ran out and purchased the new iPhone immediately?

Nope, it took me so long to even get an iPhone, I was way behind and so against them…until I got one and now I can’t live without it!

9. If you could be a Disney Character, which one would you choose?

Hmmmm I was never a huge Disney fan, but I’d say Simba from the Lion King – again you get to be a cat!

10. When you’re looking through posts on the feed, what is it that makes you click on a post to read it on the bloggers page?

Anything that’s interesting and a little out of the ordinary. I like quirky posts that people haven’t covered before. 

11. Do you have a favourite make-up brush? name it and tell us why?

Not really, still trying to find me feet, so to speak, with brushes.

12. Favourite place you have travelled to and why?

Right now I’m obsessed with getting back to Paris.

13. Coffee or tea?

If it’s before 1pm it’s coffee all the way, any time after it’s a nice cup of tea (hold the milk)

14. Three words that describe your blog?

Colourpoptastic, Fun and Fierce.

15. What are your favourite posts to read? (beauty, fashion, DIY, health etc.)

All of the above. I love reading anything that’s fun and inspiring.

16. Holy grail product you can’t stop raving about?

Lucas’ Papaw ointment, it’s without a doubt the best thing to have in your handbag!

17. Favourite celebrity style?

Gosh, this changes all the time, at the moment I’d say Poppy Delevigne and Drew Barrymore.

18. Advice for new bloggers?

Just to enjoy what your writing about, no point trying to force it if you’re not having fun!

My nominations: (if you happen to have more than 200 followers please still play along)

Topknots & Polka Dots

Love, Adjpants

Kiss and Make-Me Up

Thoughts by Briley

Domestically Inept

And my Questions for you are:

1. Who’s the most famous person you met? And did you wet your pants when you did?

2. If you were a superhero what would your name be?

3. What’s your biggest challenge with your blog?

4. What’s your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

5. Dogs or cats?

6. If you could travel back in time what year would you go back to?

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

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