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Yoga From the Sky

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early and got to tick something off the bucket list! As a half birthday present to myself I bought a session for Yoga from the SKY, which is a series of yoga classes held on Wednesday mornings hosted by the Sydney Tower Eye on the Observation Deck (oh yeah I’m in Sydney at the moment for work). Talk about being closer to God! The views were A-MAZING. It was a gentle 45 minute Hatha Yoga class with instructor, Sasha Hawley, and it was a beautiful way to start the day with a 360 degree view of Sydney.

Now I’m pretty rusty as I haven’t been to a yoga class in years and I’m quite stiff and inflexible (even without all the running) so it was a little daunting to begin with as I didn’t want to look like a noob, but Sasha was great and helped with poses and stretches. One thing she said that struck a chord was that our bodies need time to adjust to new poses or moves so be gentle and patient. This is something I really need to take on board as I tend to be tough on myself when I don’t know how to do something right away or my body doesn’t “cooperate” and I tend to punish my body for it. The class was a lovely reminder to appreciate what my body CAN do and DOES do for me, instead of focusing on the “negative” aspects I think it has. 

If you’re in Sydney or ever venture to the Harbour City I highly recommend it. When: Wednesday mornings from 6:45am – 7:45am. Where: Sydney Tower Eye, entrance via Level 5, Westfield Shopping Centre, Pitt St Mall, Sydney CBD. Price: Tickets are strictly limited to 35 per session and cost just $25 per person (16s and over only). A healthy breakfast is included in the price.


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