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Strike a Pose! – An Evening with Vogue

ImageThe rooftop at The Langham Hotel on Wednesday night was all abuzz as I, and about 80 other women, attended An Evening with Vogue –  an evening filled with bubbles, canapés and tips and tricks for what’s hot in make-up looks for spring/summer. 

The gorgeous and very stylish event was hosted by Vogue Beauty Editor Sigourney Cantelo and Mecca Cosmetica’s Head of Artistry Tony Baumann. They shared 4 hot new trends that have been hitting the runways the world over and are now destined to hit the streets.

Trend One: Polished, 3-D skin. Radiant and Contoured: This look is fresh and all about a dewy, barely there look. Contouring is the key, with focus on the forehead, cheeks and chin (almost applying the bronzer in a “backward 3” motion over your face. Use loose setting powder to lock in the look. 

IMG_4766[1]Trend Two: The Statement Lip: Bold, confident colour. It’s not about matching your lip to your outfit any more. Clash different pops of colour. This look is matte and not gloss. Another tip is to exfoliate your lips so the bold colours don’t catch and crack on your lips. Also another great tip was to apply your lip liner last, to gently accentuate the lip!

Trend Three: Contoured Eye: Soft, elongated and elegant. Use medium shades in warm tones. Extend the natural shape of the eye. Also use a blending brush to diffuse the edges. Then a coat of loose powder on top. Use the eyeshadow on the bottom lash line, the inner rim and then follow the line out and back in again. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. An easy tip is to tilt your head back and look into the mirror and scoop your lashes into the curler. With false lashes stick individual lashes on at an angle. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky. Always apply mascara before the sticking on the lashes. Once lashes are on pat mascara on underneath to adhere. A good tip for your brows is to follow the natural hairline. Be honest to the shape of your brow. And use powder, it’s easier and softer than a pencil. 

Trend Four: Foiled Eye: Modern metallics are like glitter for adults. Bold look!

IMG_4750[1]Must haves for the season; Hourglass Primer and NARS loose setting powder. Apparently pressed powder is only to pop in your clutch for the night out. You can’t set your foundation with pressed powder as the powder absorbs all the oil and dries you out! That means I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time!


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  1. Ok so I LOVE this entire post and I have so many questions! 1. How come you always look so incredible? 2. Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to contour & highlight my face? 3. Is there a way to use loose setting powder without dusting my entire house with it?? ♥

    • Haha too kind! I’m the same if I were to contour I’d just look like a clown! Apparently you need to tap off the excess powder then press down with the brush in your forehead, cheeks and chin (in a rolling action) then sweep the brush continuously all over til it’s blended 😃

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