New Arm Candy

ImageHello my darlings! I wanted to share with you my lovely new arm candy courtesy of Sussan. It was a little above my usual price range – $69.95, but I’ve been on the hunt for a new handbag and I simply had to have it. I like to change handbags with the seasons, I know I’m super fancy that way. I hadn’t had a new one for spring, so this will be my hybrid spring/summer bag. It’s large enough to fit all my bits and bobs, but not too large or heavy that it’ll throw my back out. And it has so many little compartments to hide all my lipsticks in – bonus!

Do you change your handbag often? Do you carry a big handbag, like me, during the week and then a little clutch on the weekends?

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  1. What a cute purse!! I love the chic neutral color of it, too =)
    I recently bought a new purse for the season and absolutely love it. As long as I can afford it, I will get myself a new bag! Till I find a new one, I will switch bags =)

  2. Definitely need a new bag. My current (and much abused) model has gaffer tape around the broken strap and holes in the lining that mean I keep unfairly accusing my daughter of stealing my BB cream which is in fact hiding within a new, even more secret “pocket” within!

  3. I am so lazy about changing bags. I usually invest in a good leather brown or black, and haul it around. On the weekends I do use a small “going-out” bag with just the essentials. I do need to change out my current bag. Chock full of junk/papers/etc!

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