OOTD; Navy & Lemon

ImageI saw this necklace from Lovisa and to quote my doppelgänger in Jerry Maguire it “had me at hello!” I absolutely had to have it! The vibrant lemon instantly spoke to me and it said “take me home mama” in a weird Honey Boo Boo voice. I know, I didn’t know jewellery spoke in a Southern accent either! Only problem was the $30 price tag and my sad, skinny wallet. I had to wait a whole week (the horror!) ’til pay day and then I raced into the store to pick up my darling, and now we’re one big happy family!

Get the look:

Mix Apparel: Dress

Lovisa: Necklace

Kmart: Sandals

Does jewellery/clothes/accessories speak to you too? Or am I the only kook?

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  1. Rosie, your blog is such an inspiration, especially for what I am now doing. Do you mind if I use this picture for my food to fashion this week?

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