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Sashay Away, 2013.

Love, Adjpants

Alright hunties- it’s the last day of 2013. A time for quiet reflection, deep thought, and cutting shapes under a disco ball.

This time last year, my dearest pal Rosie and I made a list of the four lessons that we’d learned in 2012. These were:

1. Wear all your best things now.

No more “Oh I’m saving these earrings for a special occasion” or “these shoes are too fancy for everyday” The world is your catwalk. PUT. THEM. ON. Now.

2. Wear breathable fabrics.

Don’t be hanging out with your friends Poly and Ester because that just leads to moist pits (yes I said moist- come at me bro) and hence, stench.

3. Never bone anyone that can’t spell.

We cannot stress the importance of this one.

4. A pop of red lipstick is scientifically proven to improve the quality of your day by 4000%.

FACT. I don’t make…

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