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New Toy; Olay Regenerist Specialty Cleanser

20140112-171017.jpg Life can be kinda cruel sometimes, don’t you think? Finally my face is feeling smoother than ever yet I have a horrible itchy rash at the moment all over my torso (and neck, back and legs!) it truly sucks! But it could be worse right?

Anywho let me start at the beginning of my new facial skin journey. Just after Christmas I went and had a microdermabrasion at Self Centred Day Spa at Melbourne Central which I won back in November. It was ah-mazing!
First I had a skin imaging session where my face was analysed for sun damage, signs of ageing and overall cleanliness. I was happy to learn that my skin isn’t showing signs of ageing (thanks mum and dad!) but I do have a little sun damage, which I learnt can be reversed as long as I wear SPF either through a lotion or in my makeup/moisturiser. Easy!
What I wasn’t happy to hear was that my skin was a little dirty (gross) and that I needed to exfoliate more. That’s where the microdermabrasion worked it’s magic. I felt instantly smoother after it, I was amazed.

Now that I found out that I needed to exfoliate and cleanse more I was on the search for a Clarisonic, having read the wonders of this tiny machine. What I found instead was a fab replica for a third of the price!!

20140112-173209.jpg I picked up this Olay Regenerist Specialist Cleanser on sale from Priceline for less than $40! This is truly my favourite new toy and it’s super easy to use. I’ve been using it every 2nd day in the evening after taking my makeup off and I really can notice a difference with my skin. It claims to aid in anti-ageing which I guess is never a bad thing no matter how good my genes are.

Do you use a Clarisonic or something similar? Or just a simple cleanser? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. I have been curious about this contraption. I have strange skin, the t zone gets oily but flaky, the cheeks can get reddish and large pore-d and flaky. My skin is all confused! Ill over moisturize to feel better then its waay too oily in a few hours so I blot blot blot and I can never keep makeup on for long.
    A sample from Birchbox is a cleanser come true for me anyways-Liz Earle Hot Cloth. They give you a neat muslin cloth to rub in the cleaners and wash it off with. It exfoliates nicely and cleanses beautifully. I am trying diff serums and toners and moisturizers. I do need one. I’ll get my ideal combo down and the world and my face will be a better place!

    • Oh I can totally identify! I’ve had to just try all different products as my t-zone is oily but then I have the WORST dry, red patches on my cheeks and chin. This is helping in terms of keeping my skin smooth and less flaky. I’m using a combo of products at the moment which I’m still determining whether they’re any good. If they are they’ll definitely be on the blog šŸ˜‰

  2. Gasp! I saw these on offer at Boots & thought of you! So obviously I can’t live (if living is without one of these). You look effing radiant! How I miss that face xx

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