I spy with my little eye something beginning with P!

20140208-065955.jpg Last night I went to a friends birthday dress up party and the theme was “P”. I know you may think I love them but I hate costume parties! It’s usually because I pick the most inappropriate outfit and have to suffer with it all night long. Instantly I picked either Pimp or Prostitute but I thought stay classy San Diego, nobody wants to see that. The possibilities were endless; pirate, policewoman, Pebbles…and on and on.

Thankfully the gorgeous and talented Erin from Brock&Eddie found this amazing fabric and made this dress for me. I teamed it with a pair of earrings and clutch I already had and went as Pop Art! The perfect costume for the art nerd.

20140208-071010.jpg Erin went as Pocahontas and also made her own costume. Who are these people that can make their own clothes?! New resolution for 2014; learn to sew. 😜

20140208-071219.jpg And the best thing is I can wear this dress all the time. Stay tuned for it to be in an OOTD post soon.

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