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Montagne Jeunesse Mud Masques



I’m a big fan of face masks and have been using the peel off kind for the last little while, but I felt like I needed a good ol’ fashioned mud mask to really hydrate my dry, patchy skin. Seeing as I don’t really have a go to mask I love trying out the little sachets you can get from Priceline in the Montagne Jeunesse line. They’re about $3 and are a good way to trial out whether the mask is the one for you. I couldn’t decide on one the other day so I bought three; Very Berry, Strawberry Souffle and Dead Sea Mud Pac. Clearly I was a little hungry at the time!

The other night I tried out Very Berry and the first thing I noticed was the intense berry (duh!) smell when I opened the sachet. It was like somebody had just made me a smoothie. It also has a super lush and creamy texture and is very easy to apply to your face with your fingers. This particular mask contains blueberries, crushed cranberries and aloe which is meant to leave your skin refreshed and cleansed. And that it did! After washing the mask off my skin did feel softer so I didn’t bother moisturising, and in the morning it still felt soft and squidgy – a great result! If you like your skin soft and smooth, which let’s face it (pun intended), who doesn’t?, then try these masks out.



I also couldn’t help noticing the resemblance to Violet Beauregarde! 


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