OOTD: Bird on a Wire

OOTD: Bird on a WireAs autumn starts to dig its heels in, Melbourne decided to have a final heat wave, almost an eff you to the colder weather!  Yesterday it managed to reach 31° which is balmy for this time of year. It truly gave me a much needed burst of energy what with this stupid cold I have and knowing that we’re about to wind the clocks back this weekend (noooooo I love you daylight savings, don’t go!) Now we have to look forward to coming home from work in the dark and dreary, miserable weather – yay…NOT! Can you tell I love summer?

OOTD: Bird on a WireI took the opportunity to forego a cardigan (ooooooh daring!) as it was lovely and warm in the morning and opted for a summery burst of yellow in my Cotton On embellished top.

ImageI teamed it with one of my favourite wardrobe staples: the Express black + white skirt and my Kmart mint heels to add another splash of colour.


The yellow and mint reminded me of the feathers of a budgerigar, that led me to think about this mural that I’ve seen. How awesome is it?!  I’d love to have something like this as a feature wall in my house.

Hope you’re all having a great week. Has the weather changed dramatically where you are?


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  1. Love the mural in the background! Yes, I would love to have that on a wall in my house! You look gorgeous as always darling!

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