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Breakfast Of (Olympic) Champions


Good morning gorgeous people! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are all rested for the week ahead. Last Friday morning I was lucky enough to be invited along to The Blackman Hotel for an intimate breakfast with Olympic gold medallist Sally Pearson. Who I might add looked stylish in her white blazer and denim combo (most athletes are complete dags, just saying!)


It was inspiring to hear about her amazing career to date, from coming 2nd in the 2008 Olympics to winning gold in the 100m hurdles in London in 2012. One thing you may not know about me, dear readers, was that as a little 8 year old watching Carl Lewis smashing it at the 1988 Olympics I had dreams of competing in the Olympics when I turned 16 in the 100m sprint as well, so meeting an actual gold medallist in the flesh was awesome and another event I can tick off the bucket-list. (Check out some of my ribbons!)

Something  Sally mentioned that really stuck with me was how she used her nervous energy in a positive way before each race. She’s learnt to calm her mind and body and revert all that energy internally to use as an extra boost to help her win the race (hopefully!). I think we could use that advice in our day to day life at work or even when you want to kick someone’s ass for cutting you off. It’s one thing I definitely need to learn!

Did you have wild dreams of competing in the Olympics too?  What event did you want to smash gold in?



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  1. AMAZEBALLS dahling!! What an awesome event- and you both look fierce. I love that- about calming the mind & channeling the nervous energy into something productive. I need this! YES! ♥

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