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Lorac Pocket PRO Palette – A.K.A. The Pocket Rocket!

ImageBack in February I told you all about my awesome meet up with Karen from KPSays and how she showered me with fabulous make-up goodies! One of those happened to be the Lorac Pocket PRO Palette or what I’ve come to call it – The Pocket Rocket! It’s an amazing little palette with three nudes/neutrals, how many more do you need? It’s the perfect palette to get your sexy smoky eye happening or a simple nude base for an every day look. Teamed with the Front of the Line liquid liner, Lorac is fast becoming my new favourite make-up brand. I can’t wait to shop up a storm when I’m in the US in July (we don’t have it here in Oz *insert sad face*)!


ImageI’m not usually one to wear eyeshadow, so when I do I’m a little fussy when it comes to consistency and the feel of the make-up and I can safely say I love these shadows. They are super easy to blend and work with and have a lovely silky feel to them that transposes to the eyelid. It doesn’t come with a little brush/sponge applicator but I wasn’t too upset as I usually toss those anyway – does anyone use those sponge thingies? I think they are a little on the shit/useless side and would rather use my finger than one of those. Am I the only one?

Nude has a gorgeous shimmer to it that works as a lovely base or could even be used as a highlighter and is my favourite shade out of the three. Pewter also has a fab shimmer to it and works well in contrast to the matte of Espresso, which on it’s own would be a little too dark for my colouring. 


Crazy close up pics of my eyes – this always freaks me out!

I’m still quite a newb when it comes to creating amazing eyeshadow looks and was quite excited to discover that the back of the palette has a QR code to scan which sends you to this little YouTube tutorial – such genius and fabulous marketing! 

I feel like Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century!


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  1. I’m glad you like it!!! I hate the full palette was out at both places 😦 I honestly like Lorac shadows better than the much touted Urban Decay! And ditto on those stupid sponge applicator shitty things! I toss them too! Can’t wait until July!!!!!

  2. Ooooo me likey!! What an awesome gift! And the colours are totes cute. Yes I fling those sponge thingies in the bin immediately if not sooner. Love you my pocket rocket. P.s. you guys know those are her REAL LASHES RIGHT??

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