OOTD: Band Tees

ImageIf you’re caught up on the blog you know that I’m off to the States in July, but did I mention what my upcoming trip was in aid of? Well most of you know that I am a HUGE music fan, especially the good ol’ rock and the roll variety, and I am once again I’m off to see my beloved Def Leppard (who are playing with KISS) in concert in North Carolina. Yep, it’s all for a concert! Tell me that isn’t an awesome idea to base a holiday around?!

ImageI remembered that I had a KISS tee from Jay Jay’s that I bought about a million years ago and thought I’d dust it off and create a smart casual look for the office. I don’t usually wear band tees, as they are always such a weird shape and size or super boxy. This one is just the right ladies fit. Here I’ve teamed it with my trusty Cotton On blazer and Kmart coloured jeans and then added a Kmart belt and statement necklace, another outfit for less than $100 (minus the shoes that is!)

ImageSince it’s been a little nippy around these parts lately I’ve topped it off with an oversized scarf that I can hide the tee under when clients come into the office. They’d never know I was rocking out underneath \m/

And because I love you all and want you to have a rocking weekend I’ll leave you with this… enjoy!

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