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Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick

ImageI’ve been at it again! I was trawling through Instagram last week and came across Priceline’s feed and they were showcasing the new Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipsticks and I so wanted to get my grubby (but well manicured) little hands on them. Although after my last disaster with Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Creams I was a little worried that my love affair with Australis was over, but I, of course, got sucked in with the 30% off sale Priceline were having so I bought them…sucker!

ImageWith 18 colours to choose from I narrowed it down to two (to begin with!); a gorgeous yellow based red – Make A Wish and a subtle pink based on the name alone – Honky Tonk.  If you know my name you know that this is PERFECTION! Luckily it’s also a pretty and subtle splash of pink.

ImageHonky Tonk looks a little peachy on the bullet but smears on a lot brighter than I’d anticipated. It can be built up to be a super pastel pink, or dabbed on to give a subtle rose hue (as I’ve done in the pic below). Over the course of the week since I’ve had these I’ve worn Honky Tonk both ways and I must admit I much prefer a little dab of it rather than having cotton candy lips. 

ImageMake A Wish is my ideal shade of red, I absolutely adore this lipstick. It’s punchy and bright and can be totally worn during the day at the office (which of course I always do!). Both lipsticks are creamy in texture and are long lasting. Make A Wish can last me the whole morning from leaving the house ’til lunch time (about 12:30ish) and that’s with several cups of tea and water in between = winner!

ImageAustralis has won my heart back and ALL IS FORGIVEN! I’m sorry I ever doubted you, but you really do need to get rid of those Velourlips, they’re terrible! Two thumbs up and a lipstick stained grin from me. Yay for fabulous lipstick!


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