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Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

ImageAhhhh I’m still reaping the spoils from Karen’s (KPSays) visit in February! Who’s a lucky girl?! This Revlon Colorburst (gah, no ‘u’ in there drives me nuts!) Matte Balm in Striking is my favourite go to “red lip”  when I’m running out the door or off to work. It’s so easy to apply, with no bleeding and I can apply it without a mirror, is that brave or completely stupid? It also has the most pleasant minty smell to it. I usually hate when my make-up has a distinct smell but this is totally acceptable, it’s not overpowering and goes away after a minute.

ImageAs the name suggests it’s a matte balm but it actually has a creamy texture on application. After a couple hours of wear it does start to have a drying effect on my lips as it starts to fade. That’s the only downfall of this lippy, that it’s not very long lasting. I probably get 2-3 hours wear out of it before I need to re-apply.

ImageRevlon is rather an expensive brand in Oz (what isn’t?!!), is it the same elsewhere? This retails at Priceline for $17.95 which is a little more than I’d spend on a lip balm (thanks AGAIN Karen). Although I wouldn’t categorise this as a balm as I feel like balms are more hydrating and salve-like. I see Colorburst more as a lipstick/crayon, along the lines of Clinique’s Chubby Stick (another fave of mine). I would love to stock up on more of these while I’m raiding Sephora in July!



Give us a kiss then….mwah!

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  1. Hey Rosi 😉 These are fantastics, i love their colours and the fact that they remain fresh for sooo long :p
    I’m wearing the Standout and its the perfect Blue-red shade, it feels great and like i told you, it lasts for a while (more than 5 hours into it and still looks fresh and hasn’t fade!)

    Rosi, i bet you will love this article my friend sent this morning :p i’m going to try tomorrow and if it looks good, will do it again before i head out Friday night 🙂

    ps, your lips look gorgeous. Loved the review and it has certainly been shared 🙂

    • Thanks so much Izzy! I’m wearing this today, again, it truly is my fave 🙂

      Thanks for the link – I love Helen Dowsley. I was lucky enough to have my lips painted by her and she is a goddess of the lipstick brush!

      Glad you enjoyed 🙂

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