OOTD: Little Red Riding Hood

ImageFeels like this week has been brought to you by the colour red

It’s well and truly an early winter here in Melbourne. Most mornings it barely breaks 10°C (that’s 50°F) so all my coats will be coming out from storage and worn in high rotation from now until about late September (if we’re lucky!) Last winter I wore my Kmart military style jacket almost every day. This year I wanted to mix it up, I have several different options to choose from so I want to bust them out and show them off.

This week I’m wearing my red Target coat which has a detachable hood. I really love the hood as it has saved me many times from looking like a drowned rat when I’ve forgotten to carry an umbrella. I bought this about three years ago and if I remember correctly it was about $80, what a bargain! My favourite part of the jacket, apart from it being red and that it stands out amongst the standard Melbourne black coats, is the large tortoiseshell buttons.

ImageToday I’ve teamed it with a Kmart ensemble; houndstooth dress and black boots as well as a little straw clutch – a modern twist on the basket that Red Riding Hood carried to grandma’s house.

ImageAnd don’t you just love the graffiti I found for the backdrop?! Another little twist on the Big Bad Wolf!


How are all my southern hemisphere peeps coping with the cooler weather? I just want to eat naughty (read: gluten filled) food and hibernate. Anyone else want to join me on the couch with a blanket and the whole series of Game of Thrones that I need to catch up on? You’re more than welcome, bring a bottle, red of course….

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