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Happy Birthday Adjpants!

ImageThere once was a girl who had me at “hello” and by “hello” I really been the c-bomb! We used to work together and both were staying back late for whatever reason and started chatting about books, because we’d come to realise we were both book nerds. That’s when she told me that “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” drops the c-bomb and my heart melted. I needed to be friends with this girl. NO! BEST friends!! Thus started the beautiful friendship with the gorgeous Adjpants. Without her encouragement and our old daily emails back and forth discussing OOTDs, what we were having for lunch and whether we thought the Kardashian’s had any relevance in today’s world this blog wouldn’t be here…

…And here we are a couple of years later and it’s my darling Adjpants’ 30th birthday!! Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Hope you have a glorious day filled with lots of bubbles, cake and hot men 🙂


This pic is the last time we saw each other last August before Adjpants boarded a plane to London-town. I miss her terribly but we’ll be seeing each other soon enough when we meet up in the US for some shenanigans and general fuckery.

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  1. ROSIE!!! OMG my dearest love! This made me tear up on the train! I love you so so much, thank you for this tres gorgoisie post. Made my entire day & I CAN’T WAIT to see you in July. Yours forever in love, c-bombs and kurac xoxoxo

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