Mexican Chocolate Skulls Workshop

ImageOn Saturday I took myself out on a little “date for one” excursion to the Immigration Museum and attended the Mexican Chocolate Skulls Workshop. I had some time to kill before the class, and I was glad I did as I had a chance to see another exhibition called Faith, Fashion, Fusion; Muslim Women’s Style in Australia. It’s a fabulous collection of short films, fashion and photographs exploring faith and Muslim women’s identities through their experiences and achievements in the wider community. My favourite piece of the exhibition was a short movie on fashion (of course!) featuring a handful of designers. I loved listening to them all talk about why they all choose to dress with or without the hijab, especially designer Zulfiye Tulfa, who saw a void in the existing fashion market, where Western clothing doesn’t meet hijab requirements and alters them to be both faith and fashion compliant. I wish I had some photos to share with you all, as there was some truly beautiful pieces, but alas I wasn’t allowed to be snap happy. Damn rules!


My awesome skull – Not bad for a noob like me!

Then it was time for my Mexican Chocolate Skulls Workshop which was part of the Aztec exhibition currently running. I let my nose lead the way to the classroom as there was such an intense aroma of dark chocolate in the air. CHOCOLATE! Chocolate Skull Workshop, what the? I hear you ask. Well my dear readers I got to pretend I was a child again and for an hour I had the chance to go to town and decorate a chocolate skull with marshmallows, mini M&Ms and other lollies – woooot!! There was good reason for all of this, of course. Brenda, a young Mexican woman now living in Melbourne, led the class and taught us all about the significance of the Day of the Dead tradition in Mexican culture. It was so interesting to learn about how and why they decorate these skulls and then leave them as offerings on alters decorated with food and beautiful golden marigolds in memory of the dead and in celebration of the living. The best part of the whole thing was being able to take our decorated skulls home and eat them, which I did and thoroughly made myself sick! Oh, but it was worth it 🙂


 Faith, Fashion, Fusion; Muslim Women’s Style in Australia runs daily until the 9th of June – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Do you ever take yourself out for a date? Or do you find it uncomfortable going out on your own?

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  1. I quite enjoy going out by myself. I am fabulous company, and a witty conversationalist (yes, I talk to myself on my outings). One of my blogger friends is Mexican, and she did a post about this holiday. So interesting learning the customs of other cultures!

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