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A quick jaunt to The Apple Isle


Last weekend I went on a little girls trip away to gorgeous Launceston, in Tasmania, with Tez and Erin to watch some good ol’ fashioned burly hunks in tight shorts running around in the mud or otherwise known as the football! We were there to watch Hawthorn (the girls’ favourites) play Gold Coast Suns in what ended up being a wet n’ wild day out.


We arrived bright and early in Launceston and went off for a spot of breakfast and some window shopping before coming back to the hotel to have a couple of glasses of sparkling before the afternoon game. As luck would have it we were staying in the same hotel as the lads from Hawthorn so we were all a little excited watching them come and go in the lobby as they were preparing to leave for the game. Mmmmmm buff men!

We were also very lucky that our seats were just under cover so we managed to thankfully stay dry (but not warm, brrrrrr!) during the game as it was raining on and off the entire time. In the end Hawthorn were the victors with the final score being 116 vs. 63.


After the game it was back to the hotel for a quick nap and a refresher before heading out for dinner, drinks and dancing 🙂

Sunday was spent lazing about with more food and drinks and talking shit until we finally had to leave and come home, not before all of us agreeing to another girly weekend away soon!

I also wanted to report back that my sinus’ held up during the planes’ descent into Launceston! I had a bit of pain but no where near the craziness I felt before. Hurrah! Now, was that due to the acupuncture or my nasal spray? Who cares! If it works keep doing it.

Do you go on weekends away with your friends? Do you go to the same place each time, or somewhere different? Are your weekends filled with food and drinks like mine?

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