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Ciao For Now – USA Here I Come!


By the time this post goes live I’ll hopefully have boarded a plane waiting to take-off, bound for the US! The next three and a bit weeks are filled with lots of travel (7 states, 8 cities – eeek!) and I dare say adventure, rock n’ roll (Def Leppard!!!!!!), sightseeing and lots of good times. And let’s not forget the shopping! I cannot wait to get my sticky paws on some new clothes and make-up. I haven’t shopped for the last three months so it’s going to get a little cray cray.

My bestie, Tez, and I are off to: San Francisco –> Seattle –> Atlanta –> Charlotte –> New Orleans –> NYC –> Vegas –> L.A.

If you have any recommendations for where to eat, shop, party or sightsee please let me know. I’m always up for some groovy suggestions. Drop me a note in the comments section or send me an email at 🙂 In the meantime enjoy my upcoming sporadic posts and if you’re adventurous check out my Twitter feed and follow #AmericanLifeInTheSummertime


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  1. Have a safe flight! I love San Fran, I just went to LA two months ago and had a blast and I was in NYC just last week! haha! You’re going to some great cities =0) Make sure you get some good ramen noodle soup in LA. I’ll try to find out the name of the place that I went to and send it to you. It was so amazing! Have fun!

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