OOTD: A Pop of Peplum

peplum top2God, I love that feeling!! C’mon ladies, you know that special feeling I’m talking about? That feeling you get when you thought that you’d have to toss that dress/top etc. you bought online because it just doesn’t fit, but then you hang onto it JUST IN CASE and the next time you see it in your wardrobe you hope and pray that it’ll fit and you try it on and IT FITS! That feeling is so sweet it’s like a tiny baby angel farted marshmallows into your mouth – heavenly!

peplum top3This is what happened with my metallic peplum top from CO by Cotton On. I bought it online on sale for $10 more than a year ago and it’s just been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. The first time I tried it on it zipped up but made me look like I was smuggling pigs across the border. But thanks to my clean eating lately it fits like a dream!

peplum topHere I’ve teamed it with my Kmart patterned pants and Cotton On teal blazer, with a sneaky Glassons gold cardi on underneath to keep me warm while I’m in the office. Finished off with my Nine West black pumps this outfit will take me from fab office chic to evening country/rock diva, to see Keith Urban in concert. Can I get a yee-ha?!

peplum top4

Have you had a piece of clothing you’ve held on to in hopes of it fitting one day?

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  1. YAY!! That peplum top looks amazing on you!!! ❤ ❤ I do have a pair of Express jeans that I hold onto just in case I get skinny again, lol. I bet the feeling is like no other!! =)

  2. I am uber guilty of this! I’ve just bought a few items a dress size smaller than I am now, hoping to fit into them by the time I go on holidays in October. Fingers crossed!

    • Hahahaha I love it! I think it’s great motivation, as long as you don’t spend too much on the item in case it doesn’t fit and then you have to donate it (guilty of that!) 😐

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