Melbourne International Film Festival: Advanced Style

miff ticket

Last week I cut out of work early (I know, as if I haven’t taken enough time off work lately!) and treated myself to a film at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). I couldn’t miss the chance to see the new documentary based on the blog Advanced Style as I love the concept so much. If you’ve never read Ari Cohen’s blog you have to check it out immediately if not sooner (well read my post first, then check it out).

advanced style

The premise of Advanced Style is Ari goes around and finds fabulously stylish women (and sometimes men) who are rocking absolute chic-ness well into their twilight years and takes their pics. The documentary follows around a handful of amazing older women who are so fucking cool it makes me weep! Check out the trailer (below).

I honestly envy how awesome these women are and truly hope I grow up to be as gorgeous and stylish as them. Super inspiring, you have to check this documentary out if it comes to a theatre near you! If you are a lover of fashion and fierce women YOU MUST SEE IT!

miff 2014


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  1. I wish that I will always be stylish and even more fabulous as I get older =) There’s nothing worse than seeing people who cling to old fashion (and makeup trends!)and look dated!!

    I LOVE your new theme, btw!! I love that it really showcases your photos from your blog posts, and I love, love the pink and red colors!! Totally you! Totally A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe ❤

    • I know, these women really have a timeless look because they’ve chosen to buck the trends and just go with what works for them. I love that they’re ballsy and oh so fabulous.

      And thanks so much on the feedback. It really was your advice I took to finally get off my ass and zhuzh up the blog now that I’m into my 2nd year 🙂 xoxo

  2. God love ’em! Especially the 90 year old lady! Fierce! I think some of Hah-vey’s friends are in the movie! Love the new theme, but miss seeing your face in the sidebar!!!

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