SS14 Trend Preview with Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo + Johannes Huebl
I have to preface this post by saying Olivia Palermo and her hubby Johannes Huebl are seriously attractive. Like I mean the kind of hotness that makes you blush and maybe wet yourself a little. BUT! My god are they boring! Sorry to disappoint all the OP fans out there but she was nothing short of a snooze fest at last nights Spring Summer 2014 Trend Preview event at Chadstone shopping centre.

Olivia and her new hubs were down in Oz to promote the Icons of Style look book that they’ve put together with the aid of Chadstone and Shop Til You Drop magazine. Here I was thinking we’d be getting all the hottest tips from the stylish New York fashionista and the biggest tip she had for us was to wear “colours and florals” this spring WOW!! What a news flash!!

chadstone icons of style2 chadstone icons of style

Photos from Instagram – this was my only favourite piece from the show – a dress by Thurley

It was such a shit fight from the get go as we had to wait for almost 2 hours before the show even started – talk about not getting off on the right foot. Then the actual show was very dull and so uninspiring it made me so angry! I was really hoping for some hot inspiration to take into S/S14 and all I got were bland tips that any half decent blogger who reads other blogs and fashion mags would know!! We all know that “colour” and “florals” are the go-to look for the upcoming season, but where was the crazy insider tips like “yellow and purple are the must wear colours this season” or “it’s all about the chunky Jesus sandal for shoes this summer” – NADA!

I’ve learnt a valuable lesson dollface(s), don’t trust these so called “Icons of Style”. Sure they dress well and look immaculate but so could we if we all had that kinda money and designer labels at our disposal. Olivia Palermo is just another mouthpiece and not an actual trend setter. There I said it! It’s up to the little people like you and me and not these so called “gurus of glamour” (yes I made that up) to tell us what to wear or how to wear. RISE UP! Wear clashing patterns and clashing colours. Pile on the jewellery and forget Coco Chanel’s advice. USE YOUR HEAD SCARF AS A TOP!!! – OK maybe I went to far but you can see what I’m saying. Let’s not be sheep anymore and start making fashion fun again. I took more inspiration from the ladies from Advanced Style then this chic clothes horse.

Let’s hope this isn’t a bad omen to the start of MSFW2014! Bring on the up and coming student designers with some vision and creativity. VIVA LA FASHION!


The only positive aspect from the night (aside from hanging with my lovely pals Tez and Erin and realising I AM A STYLE GURU) is that we got a pretty kick arse goodies bag filled with magazines, make-up, nail polish and lots lots more. At least $30 wasn’t truly wasted.

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