MSFW 2014 Day One: Fred Hates Fashion


Walking into the abandoned warehouse space I knew that we were in for a much more colourful and adventurous night filled with fashion than our fizzer of a first night at Chadstone. Fat dance beats and dim lighting greeted us as we walked into the make-shift runway. It felt like what I imagined New York in the 80s would have been all about!

Beautiful and funky people milled about, champagne glass in hand, while we waited, once again, for THE longest time for it to begin! I hate waiting!! I must say it was great people watching though, my favourite spot being a fabulous woman wearing bright pink false lashes teamed with a pair of tights with Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print.  I NEED A PAIR OF THOSE IN MY LIFE!! Last night was about a million miles away from the polished chic of Olivia Palermo and co.


Photo from Instagram – courtesy of jacksongrant

Fred Hates Fashion are a team of designers and film makers who fuse their crafts and create fashion/film events. This year for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week seven hand-picked emerging and established designers were teamed up with directors of the local film scene and took on the challenge of creating their own fashion film. These films were then screened alongside the runway before the presentation of their MSFW14 collections.


Photo from Instagram – courtesy of stylemelbourne “dreamy golden girl” from designer Aaizel

My stand out designer was Alice Edgeley.  It was like Carmen Miranda made love to the 80s and the resulting love children were these amazingly colourful and whimsy designs. Super cute and oh so couture chic! I particularly love the purple filly crop top (below) but don’t think I could get away with wearing this to  a regular Sunday morning brunch my nipples showing – what do you think? 😐


Photo from Instagram – courtesy of melissatatyanamodel – Edgeley x Tusler

Hallelujah for an amazing opening showcase to MSFW14! This is what it’s all about; fresh new designers with lots of new ideas. I know most of these designs won’t make it very far off the catwalk but this is how we can all take ideas and inspiration into our own wardrobes. Excuse while I grab my sequinned turban as I head out for my morning jog….until tomorrow dollface 🙂

I love this line so much – “I LOVE FASHION SO MUCH THAT I HATE IT!” it’s like they see into my bedroom on most mornings as I’m lying in the foetal position on the floor with all my clothes surrounding me hahahaha! 😛

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  1. I’m here on a Monday morning London train screaming “YAAAAAASSS!” You killed it my love! I felt like I was there with you. And you know I would wear that Dreamy Golden Girl ensemble to pop to the shops for bread xoxo

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