MSFW 2014 Day Two: Ermmm…maybe not!

imagined futures

Here I was all set to hit up day two of MSFW with Imagined Futures | Design Tomorrow where I was excited to learn how to take pieces from the runway and style them into every day wear. Sounds great right? Totally up my alley.

Well you can imagine my utter disappointment and disgust when I got to the venue and I was told it was cancelled! Where was my email informing me of this? I know the event was free but that’s beside the point. I had to register so they knew my details. Sheer RUDENESS! Totes not happy!

So alas, dear dollface(s) I have no post to bring you today, but I wanted to share this story with you and pass on a piece of advice. An email/phone call/text message goes a long way! If only I’d received one we all would have had a happy Rosie this Monday morning! 😐

I’m off to write an angry email (suggestions on what to say VERY welcome!)… in the meantime I leave you these wise words from F. Scott Fitzgerald

f scott fitz



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  1. How frustrating!! I totally agree that it not on that they didn’t email. Especailly as they have been so good sending out emails!
    Hope you still have some more fun events to go to. I heading to the runway Friday evening.
    x Kirsty

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