MSFW 2014 Day Three: Men of the Cloth

men of the cloth

Confession time dollface(s); I can barely thread a needle because of the tremor in my hands and you all should’ve seen my efforts in Year 9 textiles class when I tried to make a pair of shorts – let’s just say I came off second best to a sewing machine! I’m just a hot mess when it comes to mending a seam or sewing on a button but my god, watching this documentary last night has inspired me to take a class (probably several) and learn the art of tailoring!

Men of the Cloth, directed by Vicki Vasilopoulos, centres around three old Italian tailors; Joe Centofani, Checchino Fonticoli and Nino Corvato and their efforts to keep the art form alive. To say these men are passionate is an understatement!

The film follows all three men over a course of several years and highlights the struggles to find young new apprentices to fill the void of all the old tailors either retiring or dying out.

I found the movie and these men simply inspiring! Their dedication and love for what they do is infectious and magical and this all comes across through the silver screen. To be able to work at your craft for more than 50+ years and to still be so enthusiastic and love what you do is so beautiful to watch and makes me super envious that I don’t have that!

fonticoliquoteWhat is it with me and the grey brigade at the moment? First it was Advanced Style and now Men of the Cloth – there’s a lot we have to learn from these old ducks I tell you that right now!

If you’re in Melbourne check this film out at ACMI on the immediate -Wednesday 3rd September 1.30 PM and Saturday 6th September 6.30PM otherwise

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  1. Wow, I love watching these guys! So talented at what they do. After I watch things like this, I wanna get my husband a suit! I’m sure he would love it. For our wedding, he got a free suit from Men’s Warehouse since we used them for all the groomsmen. He was super excited to get a fancy suit which ended up being tailored poorly. I feel so bad! I wish I knew more about tailoring and fit for suits as I had no idea. Getting a suit done by these men would be a treat!!

  2. I absolutely love this! It really is a dying art, isn’t it? I know what you mean about men’s suits- I always used to think “a suit is a suit no?” But a really gorgeous bespoke suit is a whole other ball game. Awesome post shnookums! Xo

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