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“Manga-fied” Mascara


When I first saw the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara I thought the usual – “yeah yeah another supposed voluminous mascara bullshit bullshit” as seriously these mascaras are all the same to me. They never make a lick of difference and I may as well be using a regular old mascara that doesn’t have the hefty price tag. Well ladies (and possibly the 3 gents that read my blog) I was astounded, nay, AMAZED that this actually works!


Can you not see the difference between my painted and naked eyelashes?! YOW to the ZA!!! I couldn’t believe the way it made my eyelashes look even longer (I know that I’m blessed with some Bambi-ass lashes, it’s both an honour and a curse – glasses wearers you know what I’m talking about!) This was with one coat applied – unbelievable! Unlike most of these “miracle mascaras” it doesn’t clump or drag along your lashes.


I definitely would recommend grabbing this mascara if you’re after chunk-a-fying (IT SO IS A REAL WORD!) your lashes. Unfortunately I can’t see it on the Priceline website (I bought this while I was buying make-up like a mad woman in the US) and after a quick Google it looks like it isn’t available here any more (what the actual FUCK L’Oreal?!) so for all my Aussie lasses I’d suggest heading to eBay (it’s as low as $2.30 from one seller) or maybe doing a beauty box swap with a buddy in the US and asking them to send you one (I may have to rely on the kindness of my US gals to send me another one when this runs out! WHY DIDN’T I HOARD??!!)mangacollage2

So of course I had to download an app to make me all Manga-fied – aren’t they a scream?! SUPER KAWAIIIIIIIII!!! manga3

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  1. Your lashes look amazing!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ I'm so happy you love this mascara! I also was a bit hesitant to purchase because I didn't know if it would be good or not, but I figured if it didn't work out then at least the mascara looks really cute! haha. =) Luckily, I love it and works great on my teeny-tiny Asian girl lashes. lol. Your results are amazing!! ❤ You need to post this on Instagram and tag Loreal so that they'll make you the model for this product!!

  2. damn rosie…now i gotta go out and buy this :-p i was partial to only maybelline mascaras but this convinced me. plus i’m a glasses wearer…i understand the struggle! lol

  3. Your lashes are freaking CRAZY! I mean can you say holy crapola?! I have never in my life used a mascara that made my lashes look like that, but I’m sold. Going to the nearest CVS asap.

  4. And, hooker, I’m sure you didn’t even use a lash curler to get those results!!!! Gaaah! I have an unopened one (trying to get through my current opened ones), but gonna rip it open as soon as I have some relief from the heat and can resume full cake face. You know I will hook you up anytime you need something sent to you!!!

    • GUILTY! My eyelash curler is collecting dust somewhere #SorryNotSorry LOL!
      It really is awesome and now I’m juggling to open mascaras but it’s worth it. I’ll definitely be calling your ass up for a new one when I run out of all my mascaras 🙂

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