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Miggida MAC Daddy!

Return of the MAC

‘Cause I’m the miggida miggida miggida Mac Daddy! YES! This is what this blush and lipstick combo should be shouting out from the rooftops. And to think I only paid $16 for this lipstick at the MAC store in Times Square needs to be applauded. *Stands up and starts clapping and nodding head* Unheard of…so so cheap!

Return of the MAC2

Ever since my sis brought me back a MAC red lipstick from a trip to the US back in the mid 90s I’ve been on a crusade to get another one (if not several more!). My memory of that lipstick wasย that it had a weird chemical scent to it, but thankfully this one doesn’t. I really wanted Ruby Woo, as it’s been reviewed all over the blogosphere, but alas it was sold out. This was the closest shade to it – MAC Red A44 and I love it. Big, bold and blue/red = perfection. Being a matte lipstick it’s a little on the dry side, but not as bad as some of my recent purchases. It actually applies really easily with no drag along my lips.

Return of the MAC3

And can we please talk about this blush?! It’s the MAC Powder Blush in Peony Petal and it immediately caught my eye with that stand out pink shade. Again, this was super cheap at Cosmetics Company Outlet in Charlotte NC (around the $12 if I remember correctly). I was so worried that it’d show up too pink and I’d end up looking like a clown as it’s super rosy (ha!) in the pan but when it’s applied it comes out looking like a lovely flushed cheek (see below). I thought I’d only use it for my weekend looks but it’s become my daily staple. LOVE LOVE LOVE

mac collage

For my first foray into MAC as an adult I’m super stoked with these new additions to my make-up bag(s), you could say they make me wanna JUMP JUMP #SorryNotSorry

Are you a MAC fan? What’s your favourite product?

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  1. I went just a little bit nuts in Sephora in Honolulu last year. Because. Cheap! I’ve used the good ol’ Spice lip pencil forever as well as the Russian Red lipstick (Ruby Woo was not the right red for me, also it is a little more drying in formula to the Russian Red, even though they are both matte). I picked up a few more lipsticks and eye pencils in Hawaii. Next trip, I’ll take my daughter and a spare bag to carry all our loot back home in!

  2. Kris Kross made me jump. In fact, I watched the whole vid!!!! I know everythang is cheap here in the US, so you should go cray cray buying the makeups!!!! Love the little car in your photo! Disappointed no pics with your overalls on the wrong side (never mind our Insta talk)!!!

  3. Giveth me life! These pics are so CUTE! Girl you know how much I โ™ฅ me some MAC, probably my only complaint is that their matte lippies are so drying. Especially since I adore Ruby Woo so much! Xo

  4. I LOVE MAC!!!! โค I wish I could have the whole setup in my bathroom. =) My favorite lipstick from them are the Amplified Cremes โค Lots of full color in one swipe and still hydrating, YAY!

    Oh, and I love that little car in this post!! You're so creative, babes!! Both colors look divine on you, I swear that pink blush was made for you!!!!

    • I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to try MAC (well I kinda do, it’s super expensive here!) but now I can’t wait to get more. I will definitely keep an eye out for the cremes!
      Thanks so much Tina xo ๐Ÿ™‚

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