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How to take (+ pose for) the perfect pic

Don’t you hate it when you ask someone (sometimes a stranger) to take a photo of you and it turns out to be THE WORST pic ever – it’s all blurry and shit and you’re not even looking at the camera – and worst yet THEY’VE ONLY TAKEN ONE SHOT!!!!! What the hell dudes? It’s not like it’s 1997 and I gotta go develop my film at the one hour photo counter – this is the digital age yo! I thought I’d share a couple of handy tips for when you’re next asked to take a happy snap for someone (be it friend or stranger)…

1. TAKE ALL OF THE PHOTOS! Like I said, you’re taking a photo most probably on a digital camera so take lots, don’t just snap one and hand the camera back. That’s just plain rude! Snap away! As a minimum I would take 5 photos. They can then choose. Which leads me to my text tip…

all of the photos

 From an upcoming OOTD shoot – aaaaaaaaaaaaaall of the photos!

2. ASK THEM TO CHECK THE PIC Before you run off ask them if the photos are OK and if they want you to take more. Shit, you’ve already stopped (assuming this is a stranger) and taken the time so you might as well do it properly.

2a. Leading on from that if the “poser” is just looking stiff or just plain weird in the shot and you’re comfortable enough (which you should be if it’s a friend you’re taking a snap of) tell them to do a different pose. If they don’t take the hint and do something different at least you tried to take a good pic.

Sometimes it’s not the photographer but the model that’s the problem. I’ve been told on a number of occasions (OK maybe 8 times) that I’m photogenic, which is great as I have a confession – I’ve practised! You bet your sweet ass I have!! While working as an actor at Universal Studios Japan I was in COUNTLESS photos with guests that came through the park waving their cameras shouting SHASHIN ONEGAISHEMASU!! (translation – hey blondie I want a photo!) So I had to be prepared and bring my A game to these photos. I didn’t want them to have an unfortunate shot of me forever plastered in their photo albums (because why would you not have a pic of Rosie forever?!) with a double chin or looking all cock-eyed so I practised. I have a couple of tips to ensure that you look amaze-balls in your next photo:

1. My number one tip for taking a good shot? The “forward + tilt”. What do I mean? Just that, pop your head forward and tilt to the side. Now don’t go all crazy and pop your head all the way forward thinking you’re a giraffe so all you neck muscles stick out or tilt all the way over to your shoulder looking like you’ve thrown your neck out. NO! Just a slight tilt forward and to the side and then you’ve created some ANGLES, cos that’s what you want. I’ve seen way too may pics of people with their heads jammed back on their necks giving way too much double chin action. NO! Even if you don’t have one, jamming your head back like that will give you one. Don’t do it, just don’t!

loose double chin2

2. I know most of you have heard this tip but it must be reiterated – SMIZE! That’s “smile with your eyes”. If you feel like shit and fake a smile we can tell. You need to fake that shit aaaaaaaaaaalllll the way into your EYES! They need to twinkle/sparkle with a cheeky glint. Almost as if you have a secret (I’m not wearing any underwear for example). This will make you 100% more attractive (that’s a real statistic) as opposed to having dead eyes in a pic. Dead eyes = serial killer/mug shot so we don’t want that. Now don’t get me wrong, you can be serious in a photo and still smize, it’s all about the smoulder. This is something I have yet to perfect as when I try to smoulder I look like I’m about to pass wind – not attractive!

dead eye stare


3. My bonus tip is the SKINNY ARM – you know you’ve seen me do this in every one of my OOTD shoots, I’m super guilty of doing this pose over and over again because I know it works. It’s all about the angles!


So there you have it peeps, hopefully some handy advice for when you’re next taking or posing for a happy snap. Do you have any advice that I’ve missed out on? Do you have a go to pose you always use? What is it? I think I need to a new one to my repertoire hahaha!

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  1. Worst scenario is asking a random to take a pic when you meet someone famous. They always take one and it’s always shit. Best ever was singer Amaya Laucirica who asked to see the photos then asked to take more.

  2. This is fantastic! My husband is great at taking a bunch of photos when us girls ask him to take one because he knows we are never happy with 1 photo!! But my dear honestly there probably has never been a bad photo of you!! But thanks for the tips!! 🙂

  3. Thanks babe! I’ve been putting off taking new photos of my blog because I always look like Tulah from Fat Pizza when I look back at them. I’m going to use your tips and rock my new pics!

    • HAHAHAHA stawp it!! That’s hilarious!
      Like I’ve said in another comment, I get my sis to take LOADS of pics and end up picking a handful. Sometimes it’s tough when you have to stare at your own mug for too long. You become super critical of the way you look/stand etc. Oh the joys of blogging 😛 xo

  4. OMFG! Honey chile this is probably my most favouritest post ever!! HAHA the pics gave me so much goddamn life and the tips were fab! You know I’ve already stolen your skinny arm pose innit xx

  5. Oh God when I met Kip & Robert, these tips went out the window and I wanna “turn back tiiiimeeeeee” to do it again.

    Bookmarked this, I gotta practice my head tilt and smizing! LOVE THIS POST AND THIS BLOG, been stalking it for an hour.

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