Closet Confidential Tag

Somehow this post got stuck out in my drafts folder for the longest time! Apologies to Dee at FashionD, as she tagged me about a million moons ago…better late than never 🙂

1. Oldest item in your closet

Wow, this item covers questions 1, 3 and 7! It’d have to be my denim skirt from Paper, Denim + Cloth. I bought this beauty back in 2003 on my first visit to the US and it’s still in great shape. I’ve worn it about a thousand times and have even done an OOTD challenge with it.

denim skirt

2. Newest item in your closet

This is a tough one as I tend to buy a couple of things at once, almost trance-like, but I’ll say my chambray dress from Mix.

3. Most expensive

As I mentioned, it’s my denim skirt. I bought it for approximately $150USD back in 2003 – this is when the Aussie dollar was worth HALF the US dollar, so in conversion the skirt cost me more than $300! No wonder it’s lasted this long 🙂

4. Cheapest item

My faux leather skirt from Kmart, it was on sale from $25 down to $3 WOOHOOO!!

chambray shantay5

5. Biggest bargain

See above, $3!!

6. Biggest waste of money

Oh god, I try not to think too much about the amount I’ve wasted on clothes over the years, it could probably have paid off my mortgage! Unfortunately I can’t even pinpoint one item, there have been way too many! 😐

7. Two favourite items

First is my denim skirt, it really is fabulous and easy to wear and the second is my pair of leopard print heels from Portmans, that I’ve just recently snapped one of the heels on (I may have been stumbling around after a couple drinks). Definitely need to get these fixed pronto!


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