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There are some definite hazards in being a fashion and beauty blogger. Oh sure, it’s fun and you get to take silly photos out and about while strangers wonder what the fuck you’re doing and you also get to attend fun events for the sake of a blog post, but there are downsides too. Namely, having to stare at your face when you edit photos! Oy vey, it can get very tiring looking at my face all day, I don’t know how you all do it!

One thing I’ve noticed over this year of blogging is how my face has aged. Sure, I still look like I’m about 20 on a good day (god bless you mother and father for your fabulous Balkan genes!) but I have definitely noticed lines and furrows that weren’t there a couple of years ago.

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to get older? I couldn’t wait to be old enough to wear lipstick or be able to drink and go to clubs, to leave school and get a job (oh boy, that’s one thing I regret wishing for!) I was always just too young! Seeing my older brothers and sister go out I’d long for the time I could finally get my licence and just go out and party. To be old enough to not have to answer to my parents or teachers to just be an ADULT! TO BE OLDER!!

rosie 0-13

Ages approx. 1 – 13; I always liked to dress up!

Then you are a young adult and things become hard. You have to start thinking about bills and working more than 2 casual shifts a week to cover them and your drinking habits, wondering if that second burger was a good idea (it wasn’t! just look at those pics!!)  and WASHING YOUR MAKE-UP OFF BEFORE BED?! Yet, I never worried about wrinkles and ageing because that was for something to think about in your 30s, when you’re old! 😐 HA!

rosie 15-19

Ages approx. 15 – 19; hmmmm not some of my best looks

It’s only now in my mid-30s that I’m starting to see the signs of ageing and I think I kinda like it! Don’t get me wrong, it still scares me to think about it. To think that my face will sag (I’m not worried so much about my boobs, those suckers have been sagging ever since I started  yo-yo dieting. That’s a warning to all the kids out there!) and just the general aches and pains of getting older. I’m trying to embrace the little lines I’m getting as they are a badge of all the fun shit I’ve done in my life, and there’s  been tons of fun shit – they’re a sign of all the times I’ve laughed (or cried) so hard I’ve wanted to vomit. That’s never a bad thing, is it?! But should I be reaching for the anti-wrinkle creams before I giggle myself into an old crone?

rosie 20sIn my 20s

It’s a tough gig being a woman, isn’t it? We’re constantly made to feel like we’re not beautiful/thin/young enough by the media but then we are forcibly told we should embrace our looks/age/curves and be happy with what we have. If we want to get a little nip and tuck or some fillers to hide those lines then we’re berated for being too conceited, yet if we try to age gracefully we’re told we look too old. FUCK! The direction we’re heading in scares the hell out of me! To think that by the time I (hopefully) get to 80 my face will be stretched to all fuckery and there’ll be enough botox in there to kill a small dog. NO!

I don’t want to judge those ladies that think they need to have a little cosmetic enhancement to make themselves feel better – you do you. If it’ll make you feel sexy and beautiful and you’re not harming yourself then I say you go girlfriend. And I don’t want to say that I’ll never do it too as I don’t know what the future holds.

I guess I’m just trying to make peace with that girl woman that’s staring back at me in the mirror. Some days I don’t recognise her as I still feel like the youthful, chubby 15 year old and am expecting her to be looking back at me.

Do you ever sit back and think about how your looks have changed? Do you have a recommendation for a good anti-wrinkle cream?

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  1. Rosie you are gorgeous! I used to shake my head at any plastic surgery but at 40 I have to admit that the idea of a little botox is very tempting! I agree with you, do whatever works and makes you feel good.

  2. Ageing!? That’s a four letter word! I think there is something beautiful at every age and that if I spend my time looking backwards (like I did looking forwards when I was younger), life will continue to pass me by. I agree with Kris’ comment… work it! own it! Oh and then alter if none of that works 😉 Lifes to short to be unhappy about anything (including looks). Of course, you’re beautiful and I hope you know it.

  3. I can’t think of anything more ageing than obsessing over ageing! Live your life in a way you can love it. It’s too short and precious to waste it on that shit. Not saying you shouldn’t work it so you still look hot…Just don’t let anyone define hot as smoothe and unlined! Let that sexy experience show!!

  4. Oh Rosie, you are my utterly gorgeous Aussie lass!!!

    I get so sick of looking at my face during editing, so I try to mix it up with product reviews so I don’t have to look at myself so much!! Gah!

    I don’t mind the wrinkles on my face, because like you, I think they are a testament of my life experiences, good or bad. Adds character. However, the face sagging is completely unacceptable!!!! I HATE it!!!!

    The last paragraph of this post is a jewel!!! xxxx

    • Karen, my love, my life, my guru. Love you more than words could express (more than Extreme could convey) alas you are blessed with Asian genes so you look amaze balls. When will we be reunited?! Xoxoxo

    • I know exactly how you feel! It’s one of those things that just creeps up on you and the only way you can tell is by looking at old photos. As long as you feel great I guess that’s all that matters 🙂 xo

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