For The Boi In Every Girl

tom boi12

It’s fair to say that I’m a very girly girl; I like to wear dresses, high heels and lipstick. I especially like lingerie, although sometimes I’m sick of picking my g-string out of my crack (I know SO not girly girl to say that) and just love the comfort of a full brief. That’s why I love the idea of Tom Boi underwear. tom boi8

I was invited out to the launch of Tom Boi at The Flamingo in South Yarra on Monday night to check out the new fashion line from self-confessed tomboy Clarita Farrugia, who felt there was something missing in the marketplace, specifically for ‘the Boi in every girl’. Tom Boi takes inspiration from men’s clothing but is made for women’s body shapes.

Tom Boi has started off with the fundamentals; – underwear. There are three styles to choose from; boi-shorts, boi-leg and boi-briefs. I’m usually not one for a VPL – but I’m coming around to it, especially since style-goddess Solange had one on her wedding day!  These undies look suuuuuper comfy, and the gals wearing them on the night attested to them feeling like a second skin. So no need to fear about that pesky VPL!

tom boi9

tom boi1

tom boi2

Tom Boi underwear is available for purchase via the website (although some sizes are selling quickly!) so get in QUICK! I’m eyeing off that pair of magenta/green boi-briefs. They look like the perfect pair to be lolling about in on the summer break!

tom boi4

tom boi5

tom boi7

tom boi10

tom boi11

Over the next couple of years Tom Boi are looking to expand into all aspects of fashion and accessories – I can’t wait to see what they have coming up!

tom boi14

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  1. Not going to lie, I wear Andrew’s jocks because they are sooooooooooooo comfy! Especially on undie Sund-y. I hang out at home in a slothy t-shirt and some jocks and that’s my comfort heaven. Now I can have my own without the ball space. Yay!

  2. Um yes I’m going to need all of these ASAP! LOL you know I’m also girly as fuck (what a ladylike sentence) but so help me I do love a full comfy boy-short! These look so sooooft!

  3. My solution to combat VPL? No underpants at all. When I wear pants/jeans, I am full commando because as you said, I hate picking the g-string out of my bum. If I wore these underpants under pants (?) I would get VTL (visible thigh line). I would definitely wear these under a dress or skirt though! Have you received your pair yet???

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