OOTD: Double Denim (A.K.A. The Canadian Tuxedo)

double denim2

Canadian Tuxedo – 

1. An outfit consisting of a denim jacket & denim jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down denim shirt may be worn.

2. Wearing denim on denim, bitches.

Urban Dictionarydouble denim3

double denim4

It’s fair to say that this OOTD isn’t entirely a Canadian Tuxedo as technically I’m not wearing a denim jacket, but I think the chambray shirt comes pretty close. I’ve always vowed that I would NEVER wear double denim. Something about it reminds me of bad mullets (because there’s such a thing as a GOOD mullet – hello, Michael Bolton, people!) and listening to “Summer of ’69” – BLERGH! Never say never they say!

double denim6

I think the trick to pulling off double denim is to wear contrasting colours (mixing up light and dark denim) or textures (distressed with chambray) OR to really spice up the look by adding in lots of accessories like belts, scarves and bling. Here I’ve taken a scarf and used it as a belt for that Stevie Nicks 70s chic vibe.

double denim7

double denim8

For today’s OOTD I’ve teamed my favourite wardrobe piece – my Paper, Denim + Cloth denim skirt with a Kmart chambray shirt and added a splash of green underneath to break up the denim. I tied *ahem* the outfit together with this gorgeous silk scarf with skull and flower details and topped it off with these amazingly fabulous heels that were a recent purchase from Zara, from their Summer/Spring ’14 collection. They were a steal for $59.95 and I believe when I showed them to my sis in the store she said “OMG I want to have sex with those shoes!” That sold them to me!! I love the touch of sparkle.

double denim9

Do you wear double denim or are you too scarred by the 80s to even try it?double denim1

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  1. Speaking in my capacity as an official Canadian, “HAYOWZAAAAA!” (That said, I was in my late 20s before I actually heard this get up described this way. Before that I always heard it called a Tennessee Tuxedo, which I prefer before of the alliteration). Also, Bryan Adams played here on Sunday and I’m told it was a very good concert.

  2. LOL!! Ma’am I believe Bryan Adams is a national treasure, despite your hatred. CAN WE TALK (for a minute) about the gorgoisie of this outfit? I loooove this look on you! Everythang is on point, the double denim, those golden locks, the swishy scarf, and if you could just set those shoes aside for me to collect that would be fab. Killing the game, lady! ♥♥♥ p.s. Also #DemLegs oh my gosh!

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