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Fierce Females: Queen Elizabeth II


I’ve told you all about my love for Lizzie before but I thought it’d be remiss of me not to include her in the Fierce Females series. Aside from the obvious fact that she’s THE queen and gets to wear some amazing clothes and jewels she’s also a very interesting woman who’s still rocking well into her late 80s.
Queen-Elizabeth-2-red-hatMost people don’t know that she trained as a mechanic and driver in the Women’s Auxiliary Service and was a junior commander during World War II. She’s also been the reigning monarch for more than 60 YEARS!! That’s just astounding, imagine working in your job for 60+ years *shudder*.

I had the pleasure of visiting Windsor Castle and surrounds when I was living in London. Now when I say visit, I mean out the front staring longingly through the gates. I doubt that they would have let such an uncouth youth into their midst *sigh*. One day I’d love to be invited inside and have tea and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off with Liz.

queen-elizabeth-and-her-hats-12This Sunday I take my hat off and do a deep curtsey for QE2 – a fierce octogenarian who can rock any outfit with a string of pearls and a brooch! I hope I’m looking this amazing when I get to her age.

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  1. Despite being born into such a surreal and privileged life she is a really hard worker, and has dedicated her life to her role. I’ve long thought she deserves more credit. Loving the series!

  2. YAAAAASSS! You know I effing love a bit of Our Liz. The woman has style for days- you see how she always slays in those hats. I bet she’s tons of fun to gossip with over a cuppa x

  3. Ha! We both picked “political” gals for our FF. Would love to have a chat with Liz. Especially if she swears like a sailor, and loves cocktails!!!

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