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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! I know I was super late to the Benefit party, but believe me, when I arrived I walked into the closet with POREfessional and played 7 seconds in heaven and NOW I’M IN LOVE! I’m talking head over heels, can’t live with out, would sell my soul kinda love. The sort of love that would send me into the ugly cries if I was to never use it again.


As a beauty blogger I’ve seen and read about POREfessional all over the blogosphere but honestly never took any notice. I’ve tried a handful of primers in the past but none have really wowed me. Most of them have just left a slimy layer sitting on my skin and none have ever felt like they helped my make-up stay in place. That is of course before this fabulous product.  I’d picked up a sample sized bottle from Sephora last year in the States and only started using it before Christmas. I used that little sucker up so quickly I had to buy the full sized tube immediately.

Instantly I loved the feel of it. It’s so luxurious, it’s like rubbing silk onto your face. I know beauty companies use a lot of bullshit to sell their products, but for once this actually does what it says on the tube – it minimises pores (hence the pun-tacular name) and lines and keeps your make-up where it should be. A little goes a long way, which is great as the tube is only 22ml (0.75  ounces) and costs $AUD52!! That’s about $2.30 a milligram! HOLY BALLS! Once again us Aussie lasses get shtupped on make-up SURPRISE SURPRISE!! *    

Alas, I’m now hooked and will have to pay this hefty price tag, unless I plan a US trip PRONTO! I can’t see it on and it seems to be cheaper on eBay, but the shipping is a bitch!

Dollfaces do you know of a dupe that’s cheaper and just as fabulous? Or do you have another primer suggestion that is even more amazing?! Don’t make me do the UGLY CRY!!

my assistant Andi

My photography assistant, Miss Andi, wanted to be included in this post – she doesn’t want to see the ugly cry either!!


*POREfessional is currently $US31 on the Benefit website – which at today’s exchange rate is approx $AUD39


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  1. Ugh I LOVE this stuff but my bank account does not! The good thing about Benefit is that all of their products seem to last a lifetime! I’ve got a bottle of benetint that I bought like 3 years ago which I’ve been using maybe 1-2x per week and there’s STILL like 1/4 of the bottle left. Another primer that I love is Napoleon’s Autopilot. Hasn’t got any pore minimising jazz but seems to hold the makeup there quite well and doesn’t just feel like a layer of slime! I’m in the same boat as you, most other primers I’ve tried just don’t seem to work for me!

    • Funny you mention Napoleon Anastasia, I heard him on the radio this morning! I’ve only ever tried his lipsticks but have heard great things about all his make-up. I’ll have to try the autopilot! Do you know how much it is?

      • About $60, but it’s a 50ml tube at least – I use it daily and it generally lasts me around 6 months 🙂 The best way to do it with Napoleon is to book in one of their makeovers which is around $90, and that’s fully redeemable on products – you get the products you’re gonna buy anyway AND professionally applied makeup, winner winner! 😀

  2. Awwww, little Andi! So cute. I actually have a sample of this primer that I’ve not tried cos I had the same opinion as you regarding primers. Will def try it now! And $52 AUD????? Jeeeee-zus!!!!!

  3. Omg i just discovered Benefit products as well and I think they’re amazing!! My cousin bought me those packs like ‘primping with the stars’ which come with around 5 sample/full sized different products. So it’s generally cheaper that way . Or buy the gift packs around Christmas cos those are a real bargain!! 😀

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