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Flashback Friday; Rosie’s European Vacation – Italy (Part 2) – 2009


 Our view overlooking of one of the villages in the Cinque Terre

Welcome back to another edition of Flashback Friday  – The European Vacation edition! Last week we started off in Rome and made our way down to Positano on the Amalfi Coast, then back up to beautiful Florence. Looking back on this trip has made me want to travel back IMMEDIATELY! *sigh* Instead I’ll relive the summer that was and continue on to the Cinque Terre…

3rd July 2009 – We grabbed breakfast and got a cab back to the station. We bought a ticket to La Spezia and then onto Monterosso. We almost got into trouble for not validating our tickets, thankfully we charmed the inspectors! We checked into our B&B, Marisa, which was around the corner from the train station and met our hostess, Valeria, who I’d been emailing with.

We got changed into our bathers but the day became a little overcast so we walked up and down the main street and we then stopped off to have a carafe of wine on the beach. As we were walking back to the B&B we were stopped by a cop who was shouting “PLEASE, POLICE!” We were super wary and kept walking and he was persistent and showed us his ID. He explained that he was the finance department and wanted to know how much we had paid for our drinks as they were trying to regulate the prices. I thought we were on Italy’s version of Candid Camera. He then called through to somebody on his mobile and then we were given the go ahead to leave. WTF?!

In the evening we went to Café Baia for dinner. We sat next to two older blokes who turned out to be Americans. They were brothers from Texas who were travelling around with their three sisters and one of their wives. The reason behind the trip was that their other sister had died and they all decided that they didn’t really know each other so they should get away and start learning! What a nice story.

They were a couple of funny feckers and Bob (who had his eye on K) was steadily getting smashed on his double vodkas. We had a great time being filthy (Bob even tried talking us into a threesome!) and laughing so hard. In the end the silly drunk bugger bought us dinner. After the crazy Americans left we went and had ice cream. What a weird and wacky day!!

4th August 2009 – We had some breakfast at the B&B then set off for the days adventure. We were on our way to the second village in the Cinque Terre, Vernazza. It was super tough going and so hot, I was sweating bullets, but I found it easier the second time around. We walked the 3km to Vernazza in one and a half hours. In Vernazza we stopped off for a Diet Coke and a spot of people watching before heading off for village number three.

Off to Corniglia, lots and LOTS of steps. Up and down, UP AND DOWN! This took us an hour and 20 minutes to walk the 4km. There we had a couple of slices of pizza to refuel before setting off for Manarola which was only 1km away but it took us a good 55 minutes. A little ice cream and then onto number five, Riomaggiore, it only took us 15 minutes. We walked the entire 9km in approx. 3.5 hours which beat our time from last trip which was approx. 4 hours – not too shabby!

5th August 2009 – After breakfast we took a long train journey to Venice. Caught a waterbus over to St Mark’s Square and found our hotel relatively easily. When they described the room as “very small” on their website they weren’t kidding! We could touch the walls from our bed!

We went out in search of a laundromat and eventually found one after K realised the blue on the map were the canals! (LOL) Finished the day off with dinner on the Grand Canal and relaxed for the rest of the day.


 Water taxiing in Venice

6th August 2009 – We left our bags at the hotel and explored Venice. Looked in all the mask and Murano glass shops and bought a couple of rings for ourselves. After a scrumptious lunch of butter and sage ravioli and prosciutto pizza we sat in St Mark’s Square and people watched and then went down to look at the gondolas. K couldn’t convince me to get into one so we went off to have a cocktail, which cost $18!! We decided not to waste any more money and headed off to the train station to wait for our train to Zagreb instead.


Aaaaaah Italy! It was so spectacular and the food was truly amazing! Next week we head to the motherland, Croatia. For now it’s arrivederci. Have you been to Italy? Did you love it??


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  1. I really enjoyed this post! I always enjoy other people’s thoughts about Italy. I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😀 isn’t cinqueterre so beautiful!?

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