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Flashback Friday; Rosie’s European Vacation – Croatia (Part 2) – 2009


Cocktail hour

Happy Friday dollface, it’s that time of the week where we do like Kylie Minogue and step back in time! We’ve hit the half way point of travels down the coast of Croatia. Now we take a slight detour and head inland to the gorgeous Plitvićka Lakes National Park…

13th August 2009 – Ate breakfast before heading off to Plitvićka Lakes today. It was a lovely drive through the countryside. Found our B&B which was approx. 10km from the actual Lakes. We dropped off our bags and walked down to grab some lunch and on our way back we discovered we had some house pets! A gorgeous black Labrador named Jana and a little kitten we didn’t know the name of. They were so adorable and loved to play, so I gave them plenty of cuddles. They made me really miss Hamish & Andi!

In the evening we went for a walk to get some drinks and ice creams which was my undoing. It was the first time on the trip where I felt truly sick! I had to have some anti-nausea meds and hoped for the best. I vowed to not eat any more ice cream on this trip (we’ll see how long that lasts!)


One of the many gorgeous lakes in national park

14th August 2009 – Off to the Lakes but not before a suggestion from our B&B hostess to do Program C of the tours. It was the first time it rained on the trip! BOOOO! It was a gorgeous walk through the lakes, even though we were getting drenched. I did more of the walk this time than I did five years ago and it was great to take the ferry across the massive lake. Our ferry was named “Medo” (bear) which was fitting as we commented on how much Z snores like a bear!

We hopped on the bus back to the starting point and had some refreshments before hitting the road for Split. After the first set of tolls I took over driving and drove all the way to Split. I found it a lot easier than the other day but I still don’t know how I drove everywhere the last time. We’re staying in Split for four days, with the first two nights at Garden’s Apartments and the last two at Le Meridien – ooh la la! We needed a hand finding our apartment so we called our host, Nikola, who came and found us and directed us to the place. We dropped off our stuff and then walked into the main part of the city and had dinner at Nostromo, which is meant to be an up market seafood restaurant. It was lovely but the atmosphere was a little weird. Z and I enjoyed some poppy seed flavoured rakija which was delicious we ended up having two shots each as T and K weren’t game to try it.

15th August 2009 – Gorgeous weather today so we headed to Baćvice beach which was lovely and finally had some sand. After working on our tans all day we heading back to the cottage to shower and rest. K went off to have a nap while we ended up watching The Sound of Music on TV. It was hilarious reading the Croatian subtitles! In the evening it we walked to a restaurant around the corner and had more yummy fresh fish, must watch my mercury levels! LOL!

16th August 2009 – Ate brekky in the cottage courtesy of Z’s early morning stroll for goodies, while K went down to the laundromat. Off to Le Meridien for the next two nights. After a bit of a kerfuffle with our booking we checked in to the amazing 5 star hotel. This has now spoilt me for life! We had an afternoon dip in the beach and pool and decided we’d take out deck chairs by the pool early tomorrow morning. K and I stopped off for some cocktails at the hotel bar before heading back to get ready for dinner. We dined at the hotel restaurant and had some awesome seafood once again. Will need to hit Jenny Craig when I get home by this rate!

17th August 2009 – An early start to claim chairs, we were up at 7am, fancy that on holidays! K and I went for an early swim in the indoor pool and then out to the horizon pool – this is living! Joined the gang for breakfast and then headed back to the book for more tanning and reading. In the afternoon we drove into the city and went to see the Diocletian’s Palace which was amazing and unbelievable to think these crazy people were dumping garbage in here up until the 1950s! The area behind and just around the palace reminded me a lot of Italy. It felt like a thousand years away from the villages of Croatia. A quick lunch and then hit the shops looking at perfume and jewellery before hopping in a cab back to the hotel. The cab driver was a nut bag, he drove like a maniac the whole way and I felt ill afterwards. Not for too long though as I had an hour long massage at the spa at Le Meridien! It was heavenly and just what the doctor ordered.

Dinner was at the hotel restaurant again where there was more seafood (calamari) and finished off with a banana split which was scrumptious and needless to say made me feel sick (what was that about not eating ice cream?!)


 In the square behind the Diocletian’s Palace


Inside the palace

18th August 2009 – Up early again to get in one last swim. After breakfast it was off to Dubrovnik, where we hit some traffic early on due to some traffic light being out of order. We stopped for lunch along the way at a roadside diner on a cliff overlooking the water, spectacular. We reached Dubrovnik in the early evening and checked into our hotel and had a couple of cocktails at the bar and decided to order in room service and relax for the evening.

19th August 2009 – After breakfast it was straight to the pool to work on our tans. The pool was salt water and pretty cold! Around midday we had a couple of pina coladas to cool off then had showers and caught a bus into Stari Grad (Old Town). We ate some lunch and then made our way up to the top of the walls. At this stage I was feeling nauseated, probably from a combo of day drinking and the heat. It made walking around a little tough, especially climbing stairs and then facing some scary heights. Simply gorgeous though! We made it around then back down and caught the bus back to our hotel.

That night was our last dinner together in Croatia – too sad! We had an early night as we have a very early morning.



Ahhhhhhhhhhhh take me back! How I’d love to be sitting by that horizon pool in Split right about now. Next week we finish up Rosie’s European Vacation in the Greek Islands. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂 xo

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  1. OMG gorgeous pics!! I love reading these pumpkin! You know I’m trying to be an honorary Croatian. We need to re-do this entire trip together please. Immediately! Xo

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