Ear Cuffs Are The New Black

emma stone ear cuff

Emma Stone looking stunning at the SAG Awards

One thing I noticed this award season, aside from being thoroughly underwhelmed by the gowns this year (am I right?), is the amount of ear cuff bling that’s been seen. They really have become the accessory du jour and everyone from Emma Stone to Jessie J have been rocking them like a boss.

chloe moretz ear cuff

Chloe Moretz looking chic at the Oscar’s this week

Now you know I’m not one to miss out on the latest trends but I was a little hesitant to get one as I wasn’t sure if they’d suit my tiny ears. So it had to be cheap (doesn’t it always?!), just in case I didn’t love it and where’s the best place to look for cheap stuff? eBay!!

keira knightly ear cuff

Keira Knightly gets a little edgy at the SAGs

I bought this crescent shaped rhinestone cuffΒ for a grand sum of $1.89 – which included shipping, how ridiculously cheap is that? Initially I wasn’t too excited about the cuff but after a couple of wears it’s really grown on me. I definitely couldn’t wear this one all day as it has a clip at the top to attach to your outer ear and after a couple of hours it gets very sore, but this would be a great addition to a night out on the town.

ear cuff close up

jessie jay ear cuff

Β Jessie J rocking an ear cuff at the Grammy’s this year

ear cuff

Will you be rocking an ear cuff any time soon? How do you like to style yours?

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  1. Yaasssss – I want to rock an ear cuff, and flash tattoos!!!!! But it’s been too cold here for the tatts! But I better get on Ebay and check out cuffs! What sucks is I’m allergic to everything except 14k gold. But can deal with it for an evening. Damn, ear allergies hurt!!!!

    • You could totally rock an ear cuff like a bad ass!! I know what you mean with the ear allergy stuff. As I get older it gets worse. I swear I used to be able to wear any old ratchetty shit in my ears for days on end and they wouldn’t hurt at all

  2. This looks so fierce!! Earcuffs have come a long way since the crappy little plain ones I used to buy from Claire’s accessories with my pocket money! So gorgeous… *opens Ebay tab*

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