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Flashback Friday; Rosie’s European Vacation – Greece – 2009



Happy Friday dollfaces and for the last time welcome back to Flashback Friday; Rosie’s European Vacation. This week the adventure concludes in the Greek Islands, could it end anywhere more fabulous? Alas my sis and I bid farewell to our bro and niece and set sail for the last leg of our trip…

20th August 2009 – What a day! K and I were up at 5am to get a cab at 6am to the airport. Flew to Vienna and was happy to get another stamp in my passport! It was a quick layover before heading to Athens, which was an hour forward in time zones. We had a couple of hours layover in Athens so we checked out perfumes in duty free, then it was off to Santorini. Alas, no stamps whatsoever in Greece – rude!

We caught a cab to our hotels, Sunny Villas, which was a recommendation from R and E who stayed there on their honeymoon. Dunno? Not exactly five stars! (Oh, we’ve been spoilt) Temporarily staying in a room for one night and then we’ll switch tomorrow. Isn’t that why you make a reservation?! Oh and what’s with throwing the toilet paper in the bin instead of down the loo? Hello! 21st Century!! For people who were meant to start civilisation they’re pretty fucking backward on the whole toilet situation.

We had a bit to eat at a nearby taverna. We had moussaka, chicken souvlaki and tzatziki – it was all so delicious! Then it was back to our villa to unwind and drink some wine.

21st August 2009 – Our breakfast was served up on our personal balcony (if you don’t hardly mind) and we had lovely views of the volcano. We took the bus to Thira where we bought our ferry tickets to Mykonos for Sunday. Then we headed for Kamari, the beach with black sand. While waiting for the bus we bumped into Emily and Bruno, the Aussie couple we met while doing our laundry in Venice, small world! They were staying in Kamari and suggested a few places to go to. At the beach we paid €7 for two chairs, so cheap compared to Positano yet again! We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours and also got some massages for €20 – super relaxing.

We then had dinner at a taverna on the main strip. Once again we had some yummy moussaka. We did some window shopping before catching the two buses back to our hotel. Tonight we have a new room which was a whole lot better! R and E are forgiven! It has a proper shower and a bedroom window that looks right INTO the pool – freaky! It was a quiet night of wine and magazines on our balcony.

22nd August 2009 – The day started off with a delicious breakfast on our new private balcony, a girl could get very used to this! We had a visit by a little kitty, but he was too shy to jump onto our balcony for a cuddle. We were hanging out by the pool for the morning. I dubbed it the “love songs and dedications” pool as the music playing was all Michael Bolton and Toni Braxton etc. After a lovely tanning session we took a bus into Thira and then another bus to Perissa. The beach front was a lot smaller than Kamari but the water was a lot calmer. We went for a couple of dips in the water and sunned ourselves before heading to a beach shack for lunch. Once again something I’ve eaten doesn’t agree with me!

Hopped on a bus back to Thira where we tried looking for an internet café but only succeeded in getting lost! We back tracked and decided to walk the rest of the way back to the villa from Thira which didn’t take us too long but we were super sweaty after. I had a little lie down then freshened up for dinner, which was at Blue Note, a restaurant overlooking the water. We weren’t overly hungry and were shocked when our pastas arrived and they were HUGE! I had yummy clam spaghetti; it was one of the best meals on the trip.

greece_silly rosie

At the love songs and dedications pool!

23rd August 2009 – An early start to catch the ferry to Mykonos. One last breakfast on the balcony *sigh* before catching a cab to the port. We bought some snacks and drinks for the ferry which scheduled to leave at 12:45pm.

WELL! 1pm came and went and still no ferry. We befriended an American family who we were sitting next to and the dad went off to see what the dealio was and came back to tell us that the ferry was cancelled! Thanks for the heads up. We went to the ticket office and were able to change to a later ferry but had to pay an extra €12, no apologies! What the actual fuck people?!

Waiting, waiting, waiting! FINALLY the ferry arrived and it was a hellish ride due to windy weather. Thank god for K’s anti-nausea tablets!! I was fine apart from the fear of dying in a boat wreck. Others on the ferry weren’t so good, the crew went around with sick bags and believe me they were used ewwwwwww! The smell wafting through the air was terrible. Finally arrived in Mykonos and we only had to dodge piles of spew that were in the aisles to get out – YUCK! We walked into the centre of town to the cab rank but there weren’t any taxis! More bloody waiting. Eventually we got a cab to the hotel and thankfully it was gorgeous, yay! Checked us in and showered up before heading to the hotel restaurant for dinner with a much needed bottle of red!

24th August 2009 – After breakfast it was straight to the pool, but it was extremely windy. The locals told us that it was always windy?! We managed to snag a lift with the shuttle bus to the supermarket where we grabbed some snacks and I bought K the two Bounty’s and a Mars Bar I promised her for going into the cold pool – damn her for FINALLY accepting one of my challenges LOL!

Then it was off to have a nap after such a gruelling schedule and back to the pool in the afternoon. We got to check our emails before heading back to freshen up for dinner. We took the shuttle bus into town and walked along the esplanade. We decided on a restaurant that overlooked the water and had a lovely meal. We had bread and olive tapenade to start with, followed by seafood spaghetti. We then got served an aperitif by the lovely waiter (it may have been Pernod?) which wasn’t very strong and was super tasty. We weren’t going to get dessert but the girls sitting next to us had massive bowls of ice cream so we decided to share one. Once we finished our feast we waddled back to the shuttle bus and it was back to the hotel for the night.


Windy Mykonos!

25th August 2009 – We wanted to head out to the beach today but it wasn’t looking too promising, super windy day! When we asked at reception how to get there it sounded super complicated, what a pain! We headed into town instead and spent a couple of hours shopping for souvenirs and browsing through shops. We stumbled upon a little plaza/square that we stopped in to have lunch. I had more delicious moussaka; I can’t get enough of this stuff. I also managed to buy another book, I seem so lost without anything to read.  We caught the shuttle back to the hotel and lounged by the pool to work out on our tans for the last time 😦

WE had dinner at the hotel and had a lovely bottle of red and a delicious beetroot salad. It didn’t leave much room for our mains and needless to say we were stuffed. Bring on the detox!


With our humongous banana split

26th August 2009 – Up at 4am! We check out and headed to the airport and it wasn’t even opened! The doors opened up soon after but there weren’t any lights on or any staff in sight. Eventually the lights came on and a lady came to switch on the conveyor belts and computers etc. Our boarding time was edging near but it was still a no rush zone! This airport was the definition of “shit fight”!

We finally boarded and were away. It was a quick flight to Athens then a cab to our hotel where we had to wait to check in but we were able to grab some breakfast and check our emails. When we eventually checked in the lovely lady at reception told us we had to check out the Acropolis and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we were up for sightseeing at all! We were wiped! Five weeks of travel had started to catch up with us. We both had naps and watched some crappy cable TV before heading out for some food and then back to our hidey hole.


27th August 2009 – It’s all over!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Flew to Dubai where we had another four hour layover which was super painful at 2am. I got some sleep on this flight but my legs were suffering not being able to touch the floor. I had terrible water retention in my ankles.

We landed in Melbourne at approx. 10pm and caught a cab to Mum and Dad’s to spend the night. We were thoroughly exhausted but didn’t fall asleep until 3:30am! Only to have Dad wake us up at 9am ARGH! Welcome home baby!



And there you have it, five weeks of fun, sun and glorious food. It was lovely reliving this holiday again and it has definitely given me itchy feet and the urge to book another trip ASAP. Where to next kids?

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  1. Ha ha Greece sounds like Peru, you can’t flush the toilet paper there either! It became the first question we asked when we checked into different hotels in Peru 🙂 It’s just not right putting your loo paper in a bin. Eeeeoouuuuu 🙂

  2. I have so enjoyed your holiday recaps! Ugh for the swelling ankles! I defo would have been hurling on the boat ride!
    I started a travel journal this time, and will blog about it. So happy you gave me the inspo for it!

  3. I adored these posts dahling, you’ve inspired me to keep a travel journal on our next big trip! LOL I can’t even imagine the horror of the loo roll situation… bleurgh. The trip sounded incredible though! Xo

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