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Lipstick with BITE!

cathedral_truffle pics

As you saw in Monday’s post I finally made the trek to Sydney and Australia’s first Sephora. I promised myself I wouldn’t go too crazy buying lipstick on this trip (nuts, right?). Currently I have LOADS of reds and pinks that I wear on high rotation but I want to start experimenting with wearing darker hues. As the weather starts to cool down (booooooo!) I want to bring in some vampy, muted tones into my repertoire.

Watch out Melbourne, it’s about to get vampilicious this winter!

cathedral_truffle tubes

cathedral_truffle swatches

 Swatches of Cathedral (L) and Truffle (R)

kat von d cathedral

Can we just take a minute to talk about how pretty the Studded Kiss packaging is?! It really is a work of art and the fact that the actual lipstick bullet also features the KVD monogram makes me happy in my special spot!

Anyway, in terms of brands I knew I just had to buy a Kat Von D lipstick, especially after reading Karen’s reviews. I was also super jealous that Tez had bought one on our trip to the U.S. last year – why didn’t I join the party when I knew how much I loved her eyeliner? So when my lovely MUA, Jess, asked what lipstick I wanted to finish with I really wanted to try Vampira but alas they were out of stock so I went with Cathedral, a softer more muted tone. It claims to be a matte coco rose, which is a great description.

As you can tell by the pics (above) it looks a lot darker on my lips than in my swatch, where is looks a lot more coco rose. I absolutely love this colour. It has just the right about of burgundy and darkness to it before washing out my complexion. The KVD lipstick has a lot more wear than the Bite formula as I was able to get at least four hours before it started to fade. It is another matte formula but it doesn’t feel overly dry on my lips, which is a major bonus. According to the Sephora website the lipstick has a “Crème Brûlée scent which provides a subtle, sweet experience when you apply it.” This was lost on me, I couldn’t smell a thing! Kat Von D Studded Kiss retails at Sephora AU for $31.


After asking Jess for recommendations for a darker lip she lead me over to the Bite Beauty lipsticks and I was super intrigued by them. The Matte Crème Lip Crayon has resveratrol in it – a natural chemical that’s found in red wine, ummmm how could I not love it?!

Unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan of the crayon applicator. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s new and super pointy but it didn’t apply evenly and it felt a little odd. I found I had to work it into my lips with my finger to get an even application (perhaps it’d wear better with a lipstick brush?). In saying that I bloody love the colour! Truffle has been the deep burgundy I’ve been searching for. It does have a matte finish but I find anything labelled a “matte crème” tends to have a little more moisture in it than a traditional matte formula.

My only gripe with the Bite lip crayon would be that it wasn’t very long lasting. It claims to be long wearing but I probably got a good two hours out of it before it fading away. This retails at Sephora AU for $30.

cathedral_truffle pics2

Are you a fan of darker, vampy lips? What are some of your favourite brands/shades?

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  1. I love Bite Beauty but I agree that the crayons are hard to work with at first. I don’t know if it got easier or I got used to it, to be honest. Both colors look amazing on you and I’m wanting to go pick up the Truffle shade for next fall right this minute!

  2. They look great on you, especially the darker one. I’m looking for a dark shade too but no matter what I try on I feel like fifteen year old goth. I love to visit the Mecca Maxima near my house, and the girls there are great. Last week they sold me the best face makeup I have ever owned, and I’m loving the Nars Audacious lippies.

  3. GORGEOUS! That truffle catches my eye, especially! I have been thinking that I need a burgundy hued vampy lip colour for this winter. I’ll be the girl who has nothing to wear, but has fabulous nail and lip colours haha. OH GOD I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR THIS WINTER AND IT’S STRESSING ME OUT. Blog posts full of inspiration please! x

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