Fierce Females: Cher

cherLooking oh so fabulous!

I can remember the exact time and place when I heard “Turn Back Time”. It was 1989 and I’d just returned home after being away in Europe with my parents for three months. On the way home from the airport sitting in the back of the car my sister and cousins started singing along and I thought “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS AMAZING SONG?!” When I eventually saw the video clip you can imagine how I about lost my nine year old mind!! What was she wearing and why was she sitting on a cannon?!

Cher is so effing FIERCE it brings a tear to my eye! Not only is she a singer and actress (an Oscar winning actress thank you very much!) but she’s also a songwriter, model, fashion designer, television host, comedian, dancer, businesswoman, author, film producer, director, and record producer.

And can we talk about her costumes for just a second?! Over the years she has worn some amazing outfits by Bob Mackie (like the one below) that have left most people gasping in disbelief, but they’ve only made me shout YAAAAAAAS!

cher turn back time

I can’t even deal with how amazing this pic is!!

I have a six degrees story with Cher, well kinda sorta six degrees – YEARS ago I was walking down Collins Street, here in Melbourne, and I walked past Chastity Bono (back when he was still Chastity and not Chaz) and we smiled at each other and I just stopped and thought THAT’S CHER’S KID!!! Alas I have no pics as this was before the days of cameras on mobile phones, hell, before mobile phones!

This Sunday I raise my rhinestone encrusted champagne glass (I don’t have one, but wouldn’t it be fab-U-lous?) and toast Cher, one amazing entertainer and fierce female!

Let’s not forget this hilarious moment!

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  1. Cher is amazing! I discovered her when 14 because of Believe, and had to get all her CDs afterwards. She is a huge inspiration for me and I am happy to see someone else celebrate her!

  2. If I could turn back TOOOOIIIIIMME!! Hahahahaa I absolutely love Cher. She is just perfection. I cannot deal with how incredible that hurr is in the pic. Large and in charge, honey! ♥

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