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MAKE UP FOR EVER Instant Brush Cleanser Review

MUFE brush cleanser

At $32AUD Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Instant Brush Cleanser is anything but cheap! Especially when you consider the number of posts in the blogosphere at the moment talking about cleansing brushes with baby shampoo. I could have saved myself $30 or so sticking with baby ‘poo but then I’d have missed out on this AMAZING PRODUCT!

MUFE brush cleanser2

On my trip to Sephora earlier in the month I asked my MUA for her recommendation in a brush cleanser and she pointed me in the direction of MUFE. In the past I’ve very rarely cleaned my brushes with facial cleanser which worked but left my brushes feeling dry and brittle. MUFE’s brush cleanser contains mint oil extract and is alcohol free so it leaves the brushes feeling super silky and smelling divine!

The best part about it is that it’s quick drying. All you have to do is squirt some cleanser onto a tissue and work the bristle through until they come away clean (usually takes me at least 3 tissues worth) and voilà! In half an hour or so the brush is good to go again.

MUFE brush cleanser3

Yes it’s a teeny bit on the expensive side but I would highly recommend this if you’re lazy like me and “forget” to clean your brushes because of the work that goes in to washing them.

How do you clean your make-up brushes?

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  1. Japonesque makes a similar spray brush cleaner that’s really good and much cheaper! I wanna say it’s around $13 in the States, but I’m not sure if you could get it in Australia or how much it would be. Definitely look into it though!

  2. Oooh CHILE! Dammit my last comment didn’t go through. This cleaning process looks like so much fun! And sounds like it smells delicious. I use baby shampoo and warm water but the brushes take forever to dry (approx 4080 hours). Also I wish I could tell you I wash my brushes every week but *coughs*

    • Ain’t no shade throwing from me there! I’m exactly the same, could not be bothered cleaning them every damn week – pfft! That’s why I love this cleaner because it’s quick and easy and dries before you know it xo

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