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Working 9 to 5


Working 9 to 5!

The joy of commuting to work by public transport is the opportunity to eavesdrop on peoples conversations. Usually it’s the most inane topics you’ve ever heard and that’s when headphones come in mighty handy! Sometimes there are fun and juicy titbits to devour. The other morning I was listening in on two women (both looked in their mid to late 40s) who were going through their career histories. The first woman said that she had only ever had two jobs and had been in her current role for almost 20 years! The other was rattling off a list of jobs as long as her arm.


Just a regular ol’ mummy killer!

That got me thinking about my own work history and the fact that I have also had quite a varied and random list of job roles. I wasn’t always an illustrious blogger *ahem* and some of the titles I’ve held were/are;

  1. Cashier at a family entertainment centre (think video games, pinball machines etc.)
  2. Cleaner (for long stay holiday apartment rentals, you do NOT want to know about some of the shit I saw literally and figuratively!)
  3. Waitress (a very bad one!)
  4. Cashier (at a petrol/gas station)
  5. Actor/entertainer – Universal Studios Japan
  6. Summer camp counsellor – (remember, that one time at band camp?)
  7. Admin/Customer Service – my first foray into office work and alas it wasn’t my last!
  8. Admin & various temp roles when I first got to London
  9. Customer Service Rep
  10. Customer Services Rep/Credit Management (basically a call centre slave)
  11. Various temp roles when I got back to Australia
  12. Reception/Admin Assistant/Office Manager
  13. Office Manager/Senior Admin Assistant /P.A.
  14. Blogging sensation!

BP days 2001

 General shenanigans working at BP in 2001

That’s at least 14 odd jobs I could think of! Phew, no wonder I’m tired. What about you dollface? How many jobs have you had and were they a mixed bag like mine?

summer camp 2003Rocking summer camp 2003



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  1. I LOVE getting a snapshot into other people’s jobs! I’ve had around 10 jobs, and the most ridiculous of all was a 2hr stint as a salesgirl at the Perth Mint. I signed a contract that said I would work weekdays only, my boss said “hey can you work this Saturday?”, I said “Actually I can’t, I have uni then. Which was why I signed the weekday only contract” and my boss said. “That’s a shame. You’re fired”. I didn’t even get paid for the 2hrs! 😦

  2. I’ve probably had a similar amount of jobs – lots of weird ones when I was a student in particular, I think. My weirdest one was as a carnival operator. Yep. A carnie! 😉 I’ve also been a mystery shopper (not as glam as it sounds)!

  3. Oh my goodness, that’s quite a list! I actually know quite a lot of people who are just like the lady you mentioned who had been at the same place for 20 years–we call them “lifers!” As for me, I’ve been a copywriter for an antiques store, a freelance writer, an intern (paid and–UGH–unpaid), a customer service lady at a bookstore, a proofreader, and now, randomly, a layout artist. Who’da thought??

    • I really admire people who are lifers! My dad worked at the same job for something like 40 years before he retired – I’m honestly astounded people don’t get itchy feet!

  4. Dahling! I loooove this post, what an awesome idea! Girrrrl you know I envy/ have the utmost respect for the lifers. My dad is one. I however have commitment issues. My history is: minion/ cashier wench at a tea shop, salesgirl in a sports shop (you know how well that would have gone pffft), call centre agent, marketing cust service newbie, campaign specialist, campaign coordinator, and FINALLY senior account manager. I’m f*cking knackered LOL! Great post boo x

  5. Wow, how did you end up in Universal Studios Japan?! I’d love to do something like that!
    Posts like these are so interesting! I’m in my first ‘proper’ job out of uni so it’s comforting to remind myself that I won’t be stuck in an office forever haha!


    • Hey Alex, they were holding open auditions all around Australia (I think they may still do this annually) and my friend and I thought we’d give it a go for a laugh and I just happened to be picked! I dream of having a fun job like that again 🙂 xo

  6. I think for the Millenials it is nearly impossible to be like that lady who’s been in the same job for 20 years! That was possible in our parents’ or grandparents’ time but now, it’s like the system is broken or something 😦

  7. A great blog post. It really gets you thinking! I worked as a teacher at the same school for nearly 40 years. When I started in 1975, that was not desperately unusual in the education world. The job would change so much that as the years went by, it was like moving jobs regularly except I didn’t have to cough up several thousands of pounds to removal firms. Those kind of teachers are gone for ever now. Nowadays one fifth of new teachers walk out after a couple of years, One of my daughter’s friends took just ten minutes of unwarranted offensive comment before she quit the job for ever!

    • Thank you! I hear you! I had teachers in the late 80s who taught my siblings in the mid 70s but alas that doesn’t happen all too often now. Although I think kids these days are a lot more lippy than they were before. Would you agree?

  8. cook, drama teacher, teacher, babysitter, spotlight runner, usher, set builder, bookkeeper, light board operator, janitor, deli/bakery manager, restaurant manager, pet-sitter, advertising executive, cashier, wildlife rehab volunteer, civilian undercover investigator for Animal Services (volunteer), gas station employee, worked at Spencer’s (a “junk” pop culture store in the mall). Now I have my own business while I look for jobs, still!

  9. Great post. I was a Market research interviewer the whole way through uni. The worst thing was when they gave out samples of sanitary products and we had to ring them up and ask them a series of questions. Oh boy! That was an education for a 20 year old.

  10. This was a really fun read! And it’s a question I love asking people: “What’s the most interesting job you’ve held?” I’ve worked as an IT technician, an IT salesman, a bottle store manager, a barman and waiter, an English teacher in Thailand, a copywriter both for agencies and freelance, but my favourite job to date would have to be voice acting! There’s a Korean animation with my voice on it that I’m STILL trying to track down 🙂

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