OOTD: Motorcycle Mama

ootd_motorcycle mama

Riding a motorcycle probably tops my list of things I’d NEVER do. Call me a wimp, but I just don’t get my kicks by scaring the shit out of myself. Also on that list, if you’re interested, is bungee jumping, sky diving, swimming with sharks and making out with Bryan Adams! That’s a firm NO THANK YOU!

ootd_motorcycle mama3

Anywho, if I WERE to ride a motorcycle I would be totally prepared with my kick ass Hello PU Biker Jacket from Cotton On. I picked this baby up on sale for less than $45 back in February and I couldn’t wait to wear it as soon as the weather got cooler. I’d been on a search for a black biker jacket for a while and when I saw that Cotton On were offering 40% off I knew I had to grab it. 
ootd_motorcycle mama5

ootd_motorcycle mama6

Last month I picked up this Check Up On It blanket scarf, also from Cotton On, on my last trip to Sydney and I absolutely adore it! I love the fact that it’s huge and so cosy and it’ll come in super handy in the upcoming winter months as well as my weekend away to Tassie at the end of May. Brrrrrr! I’m digging the combo of the (p)leather and plaid together, it’s like rocker chick meets highland princess!

ootd_motorcycle mama7

ootd_motorcycle mama8

Would you ride a motorcycle or swim with sharks (or make out with Bryan Adams *shudder*)??! What’s something you’d NEVER do?

ootd_motorcycle mama9

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  1. Loving the tartan scarf. It looks so warm!
    Haha it makes me feel like writing a post about things I would never do… an anti bucket list 🙂
    If you were going on a bike (particularly with how cold it is getting) I would recommend pants LOL 🙂

  2. LOl you know me, I’d make out with Bryan Adams! But I’m with you on the bungee jumping/sky diving, all that. That would scare the hell out of me.

  3. I always said l would never go on a motorbike until my husband got one, l love it now!! Swimming with the Sharks is on my bucket list, l swam with a black topped reef shark it might be close enough. Bungee jumping no thanks but skydiving is on my list… Why must everything cost so much??!

      • Ha ha maybe!! I just like to step put of my comfort zone occasionally, and then I journal about it and when I am old with Dementia, I can read the story of my life as though I am reading a book.

      • Well my husband has unlocked a different me, he turned me from a mousey little house wife into a camping, exploring, rock ‘n’roll loving, Radio Dj’ing, magazine writing wild thing… I look back and go “Woah!! Did I REALLY just do that?!” And yes I agree with you Leopard is a neutral!! He says I am the best “pillion-aire” he’s ever had on the back of his bike, so he added “biker chick” to my title as well. Probably because I hold on and go to sleep ha ha, once he stopped suddenly and my helmet clunked into the back of his so he pulled over and turned around and said “were you just asleep on the back?” Umm, errr, where are we? Yeah maybe I was! LOL

      • As a Mother of five, the motorbike is the best escape, no children allowed and also its usually the only time I had peace and quiet. He used to quite often bundle us off if I had a headache and the wind would blow it clear away!

      • Well, you need to have the right rider.. Someone you trust, because if they scare you, you’ll never get back on, a good friend of my Bloke’s once told me when I was complaining about going around the round abouts, I didn’t like all the leaning we had to do.. This big rough biker friend took me aside and said “You know Kim, now matter how much that Bloke loves you, he loves his bike more, so he’s not going to do anything to hurt you, because he might scratch his bike, so sit back, hold on and relax!” I thought that was very clever and then he added “And besides do you think he really wants to be stuck with five kids?!!” Touche!!

  4. (P)leather and tartan is seriously punk. You’ve made it really ladylike with the breton top and heels which is fab chuck. I’m gonna get me a cool blanket shall for Winter as I don’t think my lime green Ikea blanket will cut it ;0) I’d love to ride as a passenger on a motorbike (with a sensible driver) but I would NEVER attempt to drive one myself.

    • Thanks so much Chrissie – I’m quite chuffed that you think it’s punk, that’s so cool 🙂 If I had to ride a motorbike I’d only ever go as passenger, I’d never have the balls to ride solo LOL xx

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