Fierce Females: Björk


 Serving Icelandic realness!

I’m not really sure why but I’m kinda drawn to kooky characters. You know those people that are a little left of centre and have an air of “no fucks given” about them? The ones that are brave and really excel at what they love. That definitely relates to this week’s Fierce Female – Björk!

My love for Björk and her ethereal/dance-y music spans way back to high school when my pal Tez introduced me to her first album, Debut. The rest, as they say, is history! Yes, her music can be a little weird, her music videos even weirder and her fashion sense just off the walls, balls out crazy insane, but she’s an amazingly talented musician, songwriter and actress. Hey, if there’s one person who can pull off wearing a swan dress to the Oscar’s it’s her.

This Sunday let’s embrace Björk’s “no fuck’s given” attitude and make today FABULOUS and ever so fierce and let’s be violently happy!


Fabulously outlandish

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  1. My sentiments exactly lady! No fucks given here, and I was also lovingly referred to as ‘one fierce bitch’ this week on another blog. Go girl! x

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