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Getting Your Tootsies Winter Ready With Scholl

scholl fresh step and heel balm

 *This post has been sponsored by Scholl – all opinions are 100% my own.

Now that the weather has well and truly cooled down here in Melbourne I’ve started my winter foot care regimen. I find the cooler weather the best time to give my poor feet a pampering after being exposed and wearing sandals all summer long.

My favourite part about this regimen is that it only takes an extra 5 minutes on top of my morning and evening beauty routines and my feet will be as soft as a baby’s bum when summer rolls around again!

scholl heel balm

My first step to fabulous tootsies is to remove all traces of nail polish. My toes will be seeing the insides of stockings and boots all winter long so there’s no point in wearing any PLUS the break will give my nails a chance to breathe and lose any discolouration they might have from wearing varnish all summer.

Now if you suffer from cracked heels this product is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Eulactol Heel Balm is an absolute god send! During my nightly routine after I’ve washed my face and moisturised I love to slather the balm all over my heels and then get my comfiest pair of socks and slippers on and let it work its magic while I’m eating dinner and watching the latest Kardashian kaper.

My favourite part is that its not greasy at all so if my socks happen to slip off in the middle of the night (or if I snatch them off in a night-sweat induced frenzy) it won’t leave any stains on my sheets = PERFECTION. In the morning my feet feel fabulously soft and ready to take on the day trudging around in boots.

scholl fresh step sprayWe all know that I am a very sweaty gal and unfortunately this also includes my feet, especially in some of the cheap shoes I buy. I find that by the end of the day the stink of my shoes could kill a small dog, I kid you not! This is where Scholl Fresh Step is brilliant. It’s an antiperspirant for your stank-ass sweaty feet and just like regular under-arm antiperspirant it leaves you smelling as fresh as a daisy. I spray this sucker all over my feet (sometimes even on top of my stockings if I’ve forgotten to beforehand) and I’ve noticed a significant change in my pongy shoes – I’d say a 52.3% change for the better.

Do you have a foot care regimen? What products do you use to get your feet feeling fantastic? Do you tend to pamper them more in winter like I do?



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